Prehistorik Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Title
Loading screen.
These dreams pretty much tell the main story.
Starting from scratch.
Hit and eat! Hit and eat! And that's pretty much it.
Dangerous waters.
Reaching for the eggs.
Inside a spider cave.
While enemy is preoccupied with the stars buzzing above his head, hit him once more before the meal is served.
Getting some better weapon will ease your battles significantly.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Game start
Are these gys on holiday from Bubble Bobble?
Missed the jump, hence the angel of death
It's dead, now pick it up
It was a little bit frightning, but it called for expert timing
Cheeky monkeys
Time you got a clock
You can navigate across the sea with these balloons
That token gives an extra life

Atari ST version

Loading screen.

DOS version

Level 1 Begins
My First Dinosaur!
Kill it before it rises again
Big Club Thingie
The Caves
This bizarre guy gives you bonues if you hit him
El Big Dinosaurus
Using the balloons to cross a lake
The first boss fight; hit the big guy's toes while the little dinos try to kill you
Level 3 has a winter theme
Early nineties platform-game design rule: You've gotta have disappearing colums that require perfectly timed jumps
The hang-glider handles exactly like the balloons
Yep, it's dangerous to enter the ring with a triceratops
Climbing among the tree-tops of Level 5
Inside a large hollow tree
The traditional lava-cave level (level 7)
One of the power-ups is a bomb which kills all baddies in a particular screen...
...and when you get it, the screen flashes just like this!
One of the winter caves
Among the treetops (with some nicely drawn vegetables)
A cave from the final level
More lava level...
Title screen (Tandy)
Loading screen (Tandy)
First stage (Tandy)