Premier Manager Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
The game's main menu
The game configuration options are accessed via the main menu
When starting a new game there are several gameplay options that can be tweaked
The player id screen, worth showing because it allows for a decent length of player name
The manager can select any team from the available countries, UK, Spain, France, Germany or Italy. The country selected is highlighted in yellow which is a nice touch
Having selected a country, a division and a team the manager gets to see some details about the club and the team
After talking to the chairman an offer is made.
Meet the manager's secretary. She guides the player through some gameplay pointers. The up/down/left/right buttons are used to select dialogue options
Interaction with other characters is managed via a schedule which the secretary maintains. Important meetings, like the first press interview, are marked with a red flash
The Coach. He will set up a training process for the players which the manager can alter
The Coach's training schedule. Banner text that doesn't display well in a screenshot runs across the bottom of the screen advising the player how to switch between the top & bottom areas of the screen
The Commercial manager will take care of the website, mascot and sales. There's also a youth manager, assistant coach, goalkeeping coach, physio and other assistants
The manager's menu is accessed via the R1 button
Up to date news is brought to you by Eurosport - nice bit of product placement
The chairman has made some cash available for new players. This is how the manager initiates a search for them. There's Eurosport news rolling on in the background
This is the player search screen. The up/down buttons scroll the main list. The right button takes the player into the available options which are again scrolled by the up/down buttons

Windows version

Title screen
Game options. They can be changed during the game itself.
Selecting a league.
Player information. If you look at the UEFA Challenge screenshots, you'll see the same faces.
Is that so?
If this was "Sven Goran Eriksson's Premier Manager" a third option with pick-up lines would appear.
Your PDA with appointments. Those really important that cannot be skipped are marked.
... or you can just call him dumb. But that's not very nice for someone who just started.
Even if you forget something, your staff will remind you.
You mean your twin brother?
The menu
Optional, but a solid source of income
You can find out more about a meeting if you click it.
A nice rendition of EurosportNews
You can build a new stadium, but it costs an arm and a leg.
No decision is immediate, everything must be dealt later with the staff.
Your staff. In lower ranked clubs, you don't get this lucky.
Searching players
A search result for players without clubs
The chairman giving the green light for a project.
Your scout, or the decisive factor between a good trade and a bad trade.
This means "more cash from transfers".
Every transfer is negociated at a restaurant table. Like they say in the newspapers.
Agents. Brrrrrr.
Setting ticket prices.
Players entering the field.
Radar view
Depending on the options selected, dangerous plays can be seen using the 3D match engine.
You can even change the angle of the radar view.
Match stats