President Elect Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Menu screen.
Starting the 1980 election between Carter and Reagan.
The map shows a breakdown of what states are likely to vote for which party.
Polling results.
You can choose to visit a foreign country during your campaign.
Allocating campaign spending around the nation.
Campaign spending breakdown between candidates.
The results of the foreign visit.
Debating current issues.
Rebuttal during the debate.
Election results, one state at a time.
The break down of election results by state.
The electoral vote results summary.
Carter loses by an even greater landslide than in the actual election!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
News for the week.
Electoral vote predictions for the week.
Reagan answers a debate question.
Reagan's rebuttal.
The projected outcome of the election.
Projecting results.
The final electoral vote count.
The electoral map showing the final vote result.