President's Choice Trivia (PC Booter)

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President's Choice was written in UCSD Pascal, which produces machine-independent, portable code. In contrast to a compiled program, this 'p-code' is interpreted at runtime by a virtual machine loaded on boot - the p-System engine.

The full UCSD p-System IV was a self-contained OS and programming environment, available for a number of computer platforms and designed to easily port software across systems. IBM offered it as a choice of operating system for its original PC, but it was quickly forgotten as PC/MS-DOS won the popularity contest.


The game requires a first-generation IBM-compatible machine (PC, XT or equivalent) - it won't run on anything newer. The reason is the p-System interpreter, which relies on an undocumented CPU instruction (mov cs,ax). Only 8088/8086 processors implement this instruction; later x86 CPUs treat it as invalid.

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