The Price is Right Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Copyright information
Disk turnover
Overview of instructions
Round 1 instructions
Choose your appearance from a predictably narrow range
Did the show have a 'whites only' rule?
What's it worth?
As close as possible without going over
One of the 17 random pricing games
Instructions for it
BEfore you roll those dice, baby think twice
Come On Down!
On the mountain
I've blown it
The safe game
Spinning the wheel of misfortune
Best of a bad bunch here
Sopme of the items in the supermarket game

DOS version

Title screen
Start menu
Starting a new player
In the hot seat
Eh, it was a lucky guess
Curiously, this kind of minigame is also how Operation Overkill handled combat
Here's what we've been waiting for!