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Commodore 64Commodore User (Jul, 1986)
Anyway, as with all level 9 games, one can only say, "Their best yet!".
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Jul, 1986)
Price of Magik has the usual special Austin brand of humor, and the unique Austin association of ideas in the puzzles. It is big, full of atmosphere, and entertaining. I'll be surprised if it isn't soon following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Red Moon, up there among the front runners for this year's C+VG Golden Joystick.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Jul, 1986)
Everything in The Price of Magik is of the best - plot, parser, graphics and above all the execution of the game
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Jul, 1986)
The strong points to the game are not hard even for the most casual of adventurers to find. Apart from its astonishing length and intelligent plot, the incredible friendliness of the program's responses is a particular liking of mine, as easy communication with an adventure quickly involves the player and draws the adventurer into the plot. Adventuring once more becomes a pleasure and not a chore.
Amstrad CPCAmtix! (Jul, 1986)
It will lake a while for people to decide whether they like this game or hate it. It took me a long time to decide r how I feel about it — even now there are nagging doubts. No doubt the game will be another smashing success. It's just a pity that all their imagination seemed lo be exhausted in well hidden ideas and nothing was left to beef up the plot or flavour the atmosphere. Whatever happens. The Price of Magik will not go un-noticed.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Jul, 1986)
Let's face it, Level 9 are getting ambitious in their old age. This is the second game featuring their new adventure system, which now offers 1000 word-plus vocabularies, better parsing, and even (on this latest version) RAM SAVE, RAM RESTORE, and an 'OOPS' command for taking back silly moves. Seems like a bit of Infocom-bashing is in progress up at the Weston-Super-Mare fantasy factory.
ZX SpectrumZX Computing (Jul, 1986)
There is a lot to this game and it is one that will keep you going back to it as you attempt to crack it. As with all Level 9's games, all serious adventurers will want it in their collection. At only £9.95 to become a sorceror, the Price of Magik has got to be good value for money.
Atari 8-bitASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jun, 1986)
Insgesamt: Ein gutes Adventure. Zwar mangelt es etwas an Originalität, dennoch ist das Spiel recht solide und überzeugend dargeboten.
Commodore 64Computer Gamer (Jul, 1986)
Apart from my grumble about Lenslok, I found this to be a very challenging and interesting adventure. And what is the Price of Magik? Just £9.95 from your usual stockist!
ZX SpectrumYour Computer (Jul, 1986)
My opinion is that Level 9 should look closely at what it is doing. To release games with more than 200 pictures and 1,000-word parsers is satisfactory but adventurers do not want to see poor, unatmospheric text coupled with mediocre graphics.