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Primal Rage

User Reviews

An underrated classic DOS Medicine Man (367)
EXCELLENT Genesis Laura Rosenberger (7)
Street Fighter with dinosaurs. SNES Pixelspeech (955)
Mortal Combat just got an upgrade! PlayStation Indra is engaged (19911)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
3DO 3 5.0
Amiga 6 3.6
Arcade 4 3.9
DOS 14 3.1
Game Boy 10 2.7
Game Gear 5 3.0
Genesis 13 2.9
Jaguar 5 3.4
PlayStation 8 3.8
SEGA 32X 7 3.7
SEGA Saturn 4 3.8
SNES 14 3.1
Combined User Score 93 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Killer graphics and animation, cool soundtrack, and enough hidden moves and goodies to satisfy hard-core arcade fans. You need 16MB RAM and a 486/66 to see this game at its best; pulling off some of the special moves on a four-button pad is tough. If you like fighting games, buy this one.
Game GearGamePro (US)
Primal Rage is a must for handheld fighting fans. It's a reptile rager for all.
DOSJoystick (French)
Un super shoot'em up qui s'impose comme LE jeu de baston pour PC. Les pros en auront pour leur argent, c'est moi qui vous le dit.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Dette er ingen tungvenkter i kampspillverdenen, ei heller et spill som du sitter lenge med foran flimreboksen. Det fungerer dog utmerket som et avbrekk og tilbakeblikk til en tid hvor «kvasi-3D» gikk sin seiersgang og minner oss om at enkel, banal underholdning er også greit innimellom. Her er det bare å rage, rage og atter Primal Rage!
SEGA 32XGameFan Magazine
Although the 32X is only in charge of the character graphics while the Genesis provides the backgrounds, this remains a solid port of the arcade in terms of gameplay. The animation is near perfect and that's what was missing from the two 16-bit versions. If only Sega could have blessed the 32X with a better sound chip. If you can live with the smaller dino's and the wacky tunes, buy your 32X this game.
Fazit: Primal Rage ist eine technisch beeindruckende Arcade-Konvertierung im schmucken Saurierpanzer - wer von Straßenkämpfern und Polygon-Recken endgültig genug hat, wird am urzeitlich-monströsen Prügelnachschub gewiß seine Freude haben!
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
In overall gameplay, PRIMAL RAGE is a meticulously faithful re-creation of the arcade game, and its faults and merits are the same as those of its coin-op parent. Some will love the extensive combo system, while others will chafe at getting smacked twelve times in a row without a chance to defend themselves. And some players may prefer the more “realistic” martial artists of STREET FIGHTER and MORTAL KOMBAT 2 over PRIMAL RAGE'S saurian cast. Fighting fans sick of 2-D games altogether will probably be better off with GTE Interactive's 3-D FX FIGHTER, or a Sony Playstation with TOSHINDEN. On the other hand, if you're happy with dinosaurs, apes, and lots of gore, well, PRIMAL RAGE has the field locked up.
SNESGamePro (US)
Primal Rage is an imaginative concept, but the sluggish gameplay and less-than-spectacular graphics don't give this game the roar that Killer Instinct or Virtua Fighter possess. Still, this dino has teeth.
GenesisGamePro (US)
With an impressive list of options and a widely adjustable challenge, this strong conversion of the arcade dino basher will engross fighting fans despite it's few shortcomings. Rage!
Game BoyGamePro (US)
Although Primal Rage Game Boy may not be as complete a package as the Game Gear version, it is one of the best fighters for the Game Boy. And since it has an adjustable difficulty level, everyone can get primed.
SEGA 32XGamePro (US)
Rage fanatics will want this one on their shelf, even though the next-gen versions are coming out soon. Until then, this Rage rules.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
The real beneficiaries of this title will be Playstation owners who have never played Primal before (but always wanted to). It's not a bad game for dinosaur lovers and fighting fans looking for a different kind of fighter. Primal roars...gently.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
TWI pulled out all the stops with this version, meaning that it's the game it should have been all along on the other systems: a six-button fighting game (with an FMV intro). Considering the landmark addition of an actual six-button option for the six attacks (the auto-specials went sayonara, praise the heavens), I can say this is hands down the best Primal Rage to date. The decision here boils down to whether you thought the coin-op was the greatest thing since the JAMMA harness.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Auch wenn Primal Rage der am meisten verkaufte Spielhallenautomat des Jahres 1994 war, auf dem PC sind für mich FX Fighter und auch Super Street Fighter 2 die spielbareren Prügeleien.
Game GearGame Players
Now Primal Rage has come to the Game Gear, and yes, it is right to question whether it has survived the translation. The answer is, surprisingly perhaps, yes. In many ways, the Game Gear version is even more impressive than the sixteen-bit versions.
AmigaAmiga Games
Ordentlich, aber nicht überragend, so läßt sich die nun vorliegene Umsetzung charakterisieren. Die sehenswerte Grafik legte gegenüber der Vorabversion deutlich zu, während das Gameplay im Mittelmaß verharrte.
PlayStationGame Players
Time Warner could have improved the product by adding new characters instead of the standard animated opening and victory sequences. But if you loved the original, you'll love this one.
DOSPower Play
Respekt, Respekt! Primal Rage geht auf dem PC fast als eine 1:1- Automatenkonvertierung durch. Sämtliche Monster und deren Kampftechniken wurden auf der CD untergebracht, und selbst auf das Häppchen Menschenfleisch zwischendurch müssen wir nicht verzichten. Den Animationen unserer Helden sieht man das aufwendige Stop-Motion-Verfahren an. Noch kein Digi-Prügler konnte derart flüssig bewegte Charaktere vorweisen. Einige Fatalities sind leider so kompliziert geraten, daß Ihr Euch glücklich schätzen könnt, wenn Ihr z.B. den “Golden Shower“ zu Gesicht bekommt. Besonders fiese Endgegner sucht Ihr in “Rage“ übrigens vergebens: Im letzten Level müßt Ihr lediglich die bereits geschlagenen Echsen erneut zu Boden schicken, um in den Genuß des Abspanns zu kommen. Hier hätte ich mir dann doch einen “M. Bison“ in Dinosauriergestalt gewünscht.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
If you lose twice to the same monster, your game is over and a Raquel Welch look-a-like will exhort you to pump in another quarter. When that happens, take her up on her offer. This is a fun game and a good value at 25 cents per play with 25 cents to continue. Check it out.
Game GearneXGam
Primal Rage auf dem Game Gear ist gut. Nicht mehr - aber auch nicht weniger. Wer wirklich beeindruckende 2D Prügeleien auf dem mobilen 8-Bitter sucht, kommt aber auch weiterhin nicht an der Anschaffung von Fatal Fury Special vorbei. Primal Rage bewegt sich im direkten Vergleich dazu nämlich einfach eine ganze Klasse darunter...
Alles in Allem ist Primal Rage eine annehmbare Keilerei für die eh schon gestraften Jaguar-Prügelspiel-Fans. Die Action ist optisch ordentlich, lediglich miese Kollisionsabfrage und schwere Moveeingabe drücken den Spielspaß. Ein 6 Button Pad erleichtert hier die Handhabe etwas. Leider ist Primal Rage eines der seltensten und teuersten Jaguar Spiele, so dass Interessierte lieber für kleines Geld eine andere Version kaufen sollten, denn die Jaguar Variante kostet schon gerne ihre 75$ + Kosten für ein CD-Laufwerk, falls nicht vorhanden.
GenesisThunderbolt Games
Sadly, the only true way to experience the original arcade build in all its glory is to find one at your local nickel arcade or pop onto ebay and shell out around $1,000 for an actual arcade unit (hey, I actually entertained making such a purchase for about three seconds). Whatever route you choose, just make sure you try this bloody, jugular-ripping gem of a fighting game in all its digitized, “photo-realistic” glory.
Game GearVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The Game Gear version obviously looks better since it's a color system, but I was especially impressed by Probe's ability to keep the original color schemes intact. The animation of the characters in both versions is obviously very limited, but the Game Gear cart is a credit to it's creators and the hardware.
Game BoyVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The Gameboy version is purely for those of you who are into abstraction of ideas, because that's pretty much what this game is like when you stand it up next to the arcade version. But that's an unfair comparison, because developer Probe obviously knows that a Gameboy can't stack up to an arcade game.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
These flaws are many, but the game concept is so solid, problems tend to be forgotten once play has begun. If only this Genesis version didn't have better-quality big brothers on the way for more powerful game machines, it would likely have come across as a much more impactful game.
SEGA 32XVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
With source code yanked directly from version 2.3 of the coin-op, the 32X version of Primal Rage --- one of eleven home versions released --- looks and plays almost exactly like the real deal. The programmers have also added options that weren't present in the coin-op, such as Tug-of-War mode, where the combatants share a single life bar and have to pull the bar completely over to their side of the screen. Again, it's not the gameplay that made Primal Rage so big --- it's the novelty of controlling dinosaurs with big teeth and sharp claws. Definitely the best 2-D beat-em'up on the 32X.
DOSComputer Games Magazine
Primal Rage delivers everything it promises - good sound, excellent graphics, fast gameplay, and compatibility (perhaps one of today's biggest issues). From its flaming T-Rex to its fully detailed backgrounds, it's no wonder that Primal Rage is one of today's #1 arcade games. Brought to your PC, its ready to dominate the urth and all that walk upon it!
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Sind Ihnen komplizierte Finishing Moves und schnelle Schlagkombinationen im "Street Fighter"-Stil lieber als geschmeidige Attacken mit Überwürfen, dann sind Sie bei Primal Rage richtig, auch wenn sich die Abwechslung in Grenzen hält.
SEGA SaturnGameFan Magazine
Primal Rage needs a major overhaul to compete in the ever-evolving world of fighting games. The overly complex control scheme coupled with slow, large characters just doesn't cut it in the gameplay department these days. Graphically of course, PR remains a great game and the Saturn version is hard to distinguish from the coin-op. That is, until you see the hurtin' FMV. The music is pretty weak too, but it always was.
GenesisGame Players
In the end, without the extra touches contained in the arcade version, this game ends up dangerously close to just another 2-D fighter. This one is for diehard fans of the original and fighting game fanatics.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Kurzum, die guten Ansätze sind zwar nicht zu verleugnen, doch in der Summe bleibt Primal Rage eine ebenso große Enttäuschung wie die Umsetzung von „Super Street Fighter II“ vor einigen Wochen – eine lasche Präsentation, die umständliche Handhabung und nicht zuletzt die ungenaue Steuerung lassen hier nur sehr begrenzt Spielspaß aufkommen. Daß Time Warner demnächst eine spezielle Version für Amigas mit 1 MB RAM nachschieben will, klingt da schon fast wie eine Drohung, denn um dabei eine weitere Blamage zu vermeiden, müßte man wahrscheinlich das ganze Spiel neu programmieren. Doch ein, wenn auch schwacher Trost bleibt uns immerhin: Wenn nach den echten Dinosauriern nun auch ihre Digi-Kollegen aussterben sollten, wissen wir diesmal wenigstens genau, wer die Schuld daran trägt...
(page 82/83)
SEGA 32XSega-16.com
While Primal Rage had an uncommon premise when it was released, it lacks originality in hindsight. In terms of gameplay, it doesn’t offer much variety, and while the character models were somewhat impressive back when they were brand new and fresh, they haven’t aged particularly well. The 32X graphics look fresher and more vivid than the washed-out Genesis version, and the smoother animation come closer to the original arcade feel. But that’s about it; dinosaurs, giant apes and gore aside, this brawler doesn’t have much to offer. So if you’re a fan of giant beasts tearing into one another, give this game a go. Everyone else shouldn’t expect much more than a slightly above mediocre experience with some nice animation. As far as fighting games on the 32X go, Mortal Kombat II is probably the better option here.
A des années lumières de Street Fighter II et de Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage n'en demeure pas moins un bon petit jeu de combat qui ravira les amateurs de préhistoire et de combats sanglants. A défaut de proposer des graphismes dignes du support qui les accueille, le soft parvient à nous divertir quelques temps pour peu que l'on se fasse à une prise en main qui bouleverse nos habitudes bien ancrées dans nos pads. Alors que ses détracteurs argueront qu'il ne s'agit que d'un Mortal Kombat remaquillé, il serait dommage de vous priver de cette expérience si vous rêviez d'incarner un T-rex ou un raptor dans un jeu de combat.
As you see, the game has quite a number of ups and downs. It's very gimmicky and borrowed most of its ideas from the Mortal Kombat series, without sharing the same level of smoothness in terms of gameplay. On the other hand, it is more original than most of its contemporaries, with the mini games in particular bringing some enjoyable diversion into the fray. So, if you like dinosaurs and enjoy your games gory, this might be just up your alley. If not, you'll find quite a number of better fighters on the Genesis.
3DOGamePro (US)
Those looking for a close arcade translation can't do better than Primal 3DO. But it still won't convert those who never took to the arcade original.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
All this aside, Primal Rage still isn't a great fighting game. None of the previous home versions have been able to capture the carnage of the arcade original, and sadly, neither has the Saturn.
JaguarGamePro (US)
Primal Rage is one of the Jag CD's strongest titles and one of the best arcade-to-home translations for the system.
JaguarThe Video Game Critic
They look awesome, but the animation is pretty choppy. The backgrounds, featuring ruins and natural wonders, are beautiful. The fighting action is weak compared to Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat. The moves are limited, and the collision detection isn't too good. Another big problem is the need for six button (Pro) controllers to play the game effectively. Otherwise it's like trying to play a six-button game with four buttons.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Warum im ‚Gore-Modus‘ hektoliterweise Blut spritzt, wenn sich die aggressiven Viecher beißen und schlagen, bleibt trotz Abschaltmöglichkeit fraglich. Fans des Automaten werden dem Modul sicherlich die eine oder andere Viertelstunde abgewinnen können. Prügelspiel-erfahrene, die SSF-II-Standord erwarten, sollten sich aber auf eine Enttäuschung einstellen, bevor sie einen Blick in diese blutige Vorzeitschlacht werfen.
Game GearThe Video Game Critic
This portable translation of Primal Rage is nice on a technical level but don't expect much in the way of replay value.
3DOThe Video Game Critic
The graphics are crisp, and the creatures are much larger than the SNES or Genesis versions. The active volcanoes and devastated city skylines in the backgrounds are really fun to look at. The controls are responsive as well, although I don't like how the game pauses momentarily when a match ends to load the "victory" animation. This 3DO version of Primal Rage also includes video intros for each character, but frankly, these are awful. Poorly narrated and badly pixelated, you wonder why they even bothered. The game displays statistics and high scores, but sadly, these aren't saved when you power the system off. Overall, I'd have to say this is an above average version of a below average fighter. 2D fighter fans should take note, but casual gamers can look past this.
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic
What the difference between this and the Genesis version?? Not a heck of a lot. There are some minor new training modes, and a few extra little graphic touches (more blood and dust), but this isn't much of an upgrade. For those of you not in the "know", Primal Rage is a 2D dinosaur/ape fighter with classy, original attacks such as vomit and flatulence. It's a real button-masher, and despite some nice graphics, this game doesn't have much to offer in terms of gameplay.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
The Genesis version of this game was released at the same time as the Super Nintendo (SNES) version, and it's interesting to compare the two. The Genesis version's graphics and sound aren't as good, but at least the game is playable. The frame rate and collision detection are a step up from the poor SNES version. Apparently the Genesis CPU could handle the animation better, allowing for some relatively smooth creature movement. Unfortunately, in the crowded field of 2D fighting games, looks are about the only thing going for Primal Rage. The music can't compare to the SNES version, and the sound effects are hollow and tinny. All you have left is a very average fighter.
For all its motion-captured goodness, Primal Rage is still just a 2D fighter, and pales in comparison to most of the 3D fighters now available. I mean, even Mortal Kombat has gone 3D in the arcades with War Gods. But if you liked the coin-op Primal Rage, chances are you'll like the PSX version too.
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
This, along with the problems that limited the coin-op version in the area of playability, make this a tedious title. Not worth the money.
PlayStationOfficial UK PlayStation Magazine
At best, Primal Rage is no more than a competent 2D beat 'em up. It's cleverly animated but lacks the sophistication of the major players.
Primal Rage is never going to be a ground breaking beat ’em-up, well, maybe only in a literal way, but it’s a fun game for a little light relief after all those deadly serious combat blood baths and 3D fighting tournaments. Having special tug-of-war and endurance modes and hidden games of Volleyball and Bowling also adds a little extra, especially to its long-term appeal. Fun with two-players, but equally as playable with one, Primal Rage is well worth checking out.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany)
Fazit: Eine Alternative zu herkömmlichen Prüglern ist „Primal Rage“ allemal, doch ist auf dem Weg vom Automaten bis zur Game-Boy-Umsetzung Stück für Stück der Spielspaß auf der Strecke geblieben - „Street Fighter II“ (GB) bleibt also unerreicht.
JaguarAll Game Guide
All in all, Primal Rage is a bleak shadow of the arcade original, and isn't worth the fifty bucks it originally retailed for. It's sad that the Jaguar CD suffered such a horrible fate -- but with games like this one, it's no big surprise. This is one dino-sized disappointment.
Primal Rage is a bad 2D fighter that wasn't going to be saved by the 32X -- and in fact, this version is a pretty weak rendition of it despite the add-on offering more power than the SNES. Allow these dinos to go extinct in peace and skip adding it to your collection.
DOSHigh Score
Att se dinosaurier slita inälvorna ur varandra är inte min tekopp, om man säger så.
SEGA 32XDefunct Games
I don't recommend this game to anyone, the only reason you should own this is if you are cursed with the desire to own every 32x game ... as I am.
SEGA 32XDigital Press - Classic Video Games
As sad as it is, this is the best 2-D fighter on the console. It only earns that distinction because the competition is so awful. Even if this was a perfect port, it would be a perfect port of a terrible game. If you're a Primal Rage fan, there are better versions out there, and you'll be happier there (PS One, Saturn).
GenesisDefunct Games
With only a few characters to choose from and horrible graphics, I find it impossible to recommend Primal Rage. What wasn't especially strong in the arcade is made even worse thanks to shoddy development and questionable cuts. On the other hand, this is the only 16-bit version of Primal Rage that lets you pee on your opponent.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
The animation is choppy and the collision detection is lousy. Certain dinosaurs, like the T-Rex, have a very limited number of attacks (mostly bite and tail), making the fights boring and repetitive. Blood flies and dust is kicked up, but it all looks terribly fake. Although you can pick up and eat human spectators to replenish your energy, it's difficult to do execute in the heat of battle, and thus is rarely a factor. Primal Rage was released on many consoles, but each one was the same: all style, no substance.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Besides a variety of dinosaurs, you can also play as one of two big apes, who look freakin' awesome. Although the creatures are actually 2D, they have a 3D, stop-motion look to them. The jaw-dropped backgrounds give the game a surreal atmosphere, ranging from exotic waterfalls to post-apocalyptic cities to gigantic glaciers. The sound effects and jungle music are outstanding as well. If only this game played as well as it looked! But especially in this SNES version, the animation is so choppy that it's hard to tell what's going on. Worse yet, the collision detection will often register hits that never occurred. And while cool in concept, the ability to eat spectators to gain life is simply too difficult to execute to be a factor. Primal Rage is probably worth trying for its presentation alone, but don't expect much replay value.
Game GearDefunct Games
So what do you have left when you have an ugly fighting game with terrible controls, the worst backgrounds imaginable, annoying sounds, limited characters and sluggish combat? Not a whole heck of a lot, which is why there's no reason to play Primal Rage on the Game Gear. The truth is, there's no reason to play Primal Rage period, but this Game Gear port is by far the single worst version of the game. Then again, I hear there's a Game Boy version of this game, perhaps we actually have a race for the bottom of the barrel.