Primal Rage Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Intro movie - asteroids fall on Earth.
Which somehow brings the dinosaurs back.
Now they fight each other... to the DEATH!
Title screen
Yuk yuk
Main menu
Sauron vs Diablo
Defeat crushes the loser's heart.
Each fight in story mode gets a goofy CG character intro
Talon vs Blizzard
Armadon vs Vertigo

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Portraits before fight
Tails attack
Heart explodes
Jumping attack
Blizzard - like Sub-Zero
Bite & Blood
Claws attack
Spikes on head are weapon
Diablo makes Godzilla's roar
Monster's wrestling
Sauron can fly now
Reptiles fight

DOS version

Title Screen
Attract Screen
Fighter Selection
The Matchup
Chaos vs. Talon
Chaos vs. Talon (2)
Armadon vs. Talon
Diable vs. Armadon
Chaos vs Diablo
New land conquered
mirror match
Fight in ruins
Multi 2
Exploded heart
Bloody bite
Tail hit
Blood on my face! I can't see anything!
reptiles battle

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Opening Cinematic
Talon vs. Talon
Chaos vs. Chaos
Sauron vs. Armadon

Game Gear version

Title Screen.
Intro: civilization died...
Intro: the draconians were born...
Who will rule the new Urth?
Main Menu Screen.
Game Type Selection.
Choosing your player.
First battle: mirror match. (BTW, you never knew Sauron was actually a T-Rex, did you?)
Sauron hits sauron with something that looks like a sonic blast.
Sauron conquers, and you loose...
Ok, let's try with Diablo.
Humm, better luck this time.
Each opponent defeated grant's you a territory in primal world.
Sauron vs. Talon.
Talon getting on Diablo's neck.
In training mode you're allowed to choose which will be your player and your opponent. Here we have Sauron vs. Blizzard.
Bizzard freezes and punches Sauron.
Game Over.

Genesis version

Title screen
High scores
Choosing your fighter
Snowy landscape
City landscape
Sauron progresses...
Ancient-style view
Volcanic battle
Battle in a cave
Peaceful scenery, not-so-peaceful actions...
Mirror match
Chaos jumps, Vertigo bites.
Special power

Jaguar version

Title Screen
Intro/Attract Screens
Monster Selection
The Battle Loads
The black bar on the left side of these screenshots is outside the viewable area of most normal TV's.
Armadon hides from Talon
Chaos farts in Armadon's general direction.
Diable vs. Chaos
Blizzard vs. Vertigo
Talon vs. Sauron
Chaos' "Goldon Shower"
Vertigo shrinks his enemy in this finishing move.

SEGA 32X version

Title screen.
Options menu.
Select your dino-fighter!

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
The Saturn version has a lot of bad FMV.
Character Selection
Each beast gets it's own video intro.
Demo Mode
Diablo vs. Talon
Bad Monkey!!
Sauron vs. Vertigo
Talon vs. Sauron

SNES version

Title screen.
Options screen.
Selecting a primal fighter.
Versus screen.
Lets fight
Kicking your opponent
Knocked it up into the air
Swinging tails
You lose