Advertising Blurbs

From the back cover:
    Tired of watching bad TV? Well, now you can do something about it ... you can make it worse! Yes, you can be the one who makes those marvellously bright decisions, killing those great shows. Can you give your network those high ratings it demands? Can you keep your programming budget in the black? Well, you better ... because network programmers can be cancelled just as easily as network programs! If you survive the season, and come out as king or queen of the jungle (oh, it is a jungle out there!), then send in your resume to your nearest TV network ... you may be able to take them to PRIME TIME heaven!

    Looking for a "family" game that is just plain fun? Be dazzled by the graphics (of network boardrooms, power lunches, trade newspapers, etc.) and amused by the satiric content of the game (there are 160 programs and 15 specials available for use by the players.... Each crazy show has its own built-in demographic targets, and capsule description which shows on the game screen during play). There are even a couple commercials (animated digitized cartoons) that will interrupt the game at key points!

    The game is so uproariously funny, it is very difficult to dislike! Plus, we've built in so many variations, the game will rarely play the same twice. How have you lived without it?

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Sep 22, 2001.