Prime Time Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
TV guide
Industry news
Show rankings
Network rankings
A commercial
Opposing network takes their turn.
Lunch check
Work desk
You can review your network status in the network folder.
Profit and loss statement.
Bidding for a special show.
Adjusting network programming.
You can call studios to purchase new shows.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Setting up the three players
Starting a new turn: the listings
Entertainment news!
The show rankings
Player rankings
The MobyGames News Network is ready to take its turn!
My office. Sparse, but effective. Did I mention the light switch works?
Poring over the reviews
Programmings shuffles forced on me.
Let's look up a production studio...
Results of my lunch date with an executive
Developing a new series from scratch
Buying up an existing show
Bidding on special events
Did the bid pay off?
Changing the schedules around
And what would television be without advertising campaigns?
Your efforts pay off!

DOS version

Title screen
Intro; welcome to the game!
The main menu
The ratings for September
I'm off to work!
At the office
A show is being axed...
Deals can take place over lunch.
In the programming room
Looking up some data.
Bidding for the Emmy awards.
Some reviews
Variety reports...
Please do not adjust your set.