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WindowsIndie Game Reviewer (Dec 18, 2012)
Minor glitches aside, Primordia delivers a thought-provoking yarn through a richly authored, crumbling realm. With the amount of design and mythos called upon to create the scorched Earth found in Primordia, one can hope that this won’t be Horatio’s last venture out into the wastes.
WindowsGame Watcher (Dec 08, 2012)
Primordia is a witty, fun, challenging adventure with a marvellous host of likeable characters who are not diminished at all by their lack of a pulse. The difficulty ramps up beautifully, puzzles can have alternate solutions, and all will give your brain a good workout. The story is simple but will keep you gripped as you learn about the world and the fate of humanity (and robonity).
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Dec 07, 2012)
In sum, Primordia is an appealing and family friendly adventure game with an endearing storyline and an engaging cast of characters. The game is a great first effort by Wormwood Studios and a definite thumbs-up for any adventure game fan.
WindowsRPGFan (Dec 05, 2012)
Wadjet Games is quietly building a revolution by publishing these hyperpixelated science fiction graphic adventures lovingly crafted by indie devs like Wormwood Studios. Although outwardly agents of nostalgia, games like Primordia are really the harbingers of a new style of adventures full of thought provoking concepts, logical puzzles, and player choices.
WindowsGameZebo (Dec 05, 2012)
In spite of the complaints, Primordia is a very good game, packed with enough secrets, surprises and twists to keep it interesting from start to finish. Hardcore adventurers may find it a little on the lightweight side, but it's ideal for newcomers to the genre or those who prefer a more relaxing journey across their futuristic wastelands. And even though the conclusion isn't quite as satisfying as the build-up promises, the combination of a great setting, fun brain teasers and some interesting story ideas ensures that Primordia still satisfies.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Dec 10, 2012)
Falling just a little short of instant classic status, Primordia is still a gorgeous, clever, and melancholy science-fiction parable.
78 (Dec 13, 2012)
Das Spiel lebt aber in erster Linie von seinem konfliktgeladenen Szenario sowie den schwungvollen Dialogen. Die Atmosphäre ist düster und bizarr, der Humor zynisch und trocken. Wer seine Adventures eher rätsellastig mag, wird mit Primordia nur bedingt glücklich werden, wer auf ungewöhnliche Figuren und Geschichten steht, wird Horatio und Crispin hingegen gern auf ihrer Reise begleiten.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jan, 2013)
Primordia schwimmt wie viele andere Titel derzeit auf der aktuellen Retro-Revival-Welle und hat sich durch Valves Greenlight-System erfolgreich einen Platz im Steam-Shop erkämpft. Das düster angehauchte Adventure präsentiert eher ungewöhnliche Charaktere, trockenen Humor und erzählt eher eine spannende Geschichte, anstatt die große Rätselnuss-Invasion zu starten. Die Grafik ist minimalistisch und spart mit Pixeln, Animationen und Effekten. Dennoch ist Primordia ein atmosphärisch dichtes und stimmungsvolles Adventure geworden, das vor allem von seinen Figuren und witzigen Dialogen lebt. An die Retro-Perle Resonance vorn gleichen Publisher kommt es aber nicht heran.
70 (Feb 04, 2014)
So, buy this game if you love robots. Buy this game if you love adventure games. I certainly would. Again. I’ve played through it at least six times to get different endings (And once again to get these screenshots). It’s worth your time and money, and I highly recommend it.
WindowsDarkstation (Jan 07, 2013)
Primordia definitely has some caveats when it comes to storytelling and pace but the story is interesting enough to warrant a play through. The world you inhabit as Horatio is dark and beautiful and the voice work is topnotch. Characters have a lot to say and it’s all worth hearing, and the puzzles will keep you intrigued as the story moves forward. There’s a dark and meaningful story within Primordia and despite the rush at the end, it’s a story worth hearing.
70 (UK) (Jan 07, 2013)
Primordia is delightful, smart and packed with personality, but it also comes to a close just as you're ready to explore more of its engrossing world. Leaving the player wanting more is no great disaster, of course - and the truncated length makes it tempting to go back and try to earn some of the different endings - but it still feels like a really good game that is only a few drafts away from greatness.
WindowsGameSpy (Dec 05, 2012)
Primordia isn't a bad adventure, just not one with the spark of other recent attempts - not least Wadjet Eye's own library. The basic ideas are solid, and it's worth checking out at least the demo for the humor that the Horatio/Crispin dialogue brings. It lacks the emotional resonance to actually mean much though, or the puzzles to really satisfy. Play it for an evening or two of adventuring and it'll make you smile, but don't expect to remember it in a month, or even the next time you start feeling nostalgic for time spent beneath another steel sky.