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Prince Interactive

Prince Interactive Windows 3.x Introduction, with Prince playing "Interactive"


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Windows 3.x

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Windows 3.xEntertainment Weekly
In its favor, (Prince) Interactive is imbued with the goofball carnality that "the artist formerly known as Prince" has made his turf. In short, it's dopey but fun. The disc breaks no new ground with its haunted-mansion structure; you wander through corridors and rooms, trying to discover pieces of that darn [Prince] glyph so you can get a look at an as-yet-unreleased music video. I know: big whoop. But the graphics are luscious, the six music videos are an unexpected plus, and there are laughs to be had if you click on everything. (See if you can find where [Prince] hides the [Prince] whips in the [Prince] bedroom.) Will you play it more than twice? Doubtful. Will you have a blast showing it to your friends? Definitely.
Windows 3.xHigh Score
Snygg grafik men barnslig grundtanke - ödsla tid på pyssel och gåtor. Udda 3D-miljö.
Windows 3.xAll Game Guide
At any rate, if you continue, by the time you find all the pieces you need, you will be suffering from a Prince overdose. Unless you *really* enjoy the artist formerly known as Prince and his music, stay away from this CD-Rom game. It's really pointless unless you like his music, and even then, you could wind up sick of it after playing the game.