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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Options screen.
Extras are rather scarce.
Once again, mysterious female figure appears to aid the prince, even if only by words of advice.
The kingdom seems to be under attack... just my luck.
He earned a scar... now he's pissed!
As the game starts, it will give your quick tutorial for each new move you'll need to continue the game.
First encounter with the enemy.
Wall running toward the enemy soldiers.
They seem determined to keep me from reaching the inner castle.
You can use your environment to defeat your attackers.
As if wall running wasn't enough, they had to pick me for target practice.
Luckily, prince's stamina is uncanny, you don't have a grip gauge to worry about.
Stopping to admire the view... or check the time according to sun's position.
It's time to even the odds.
Using the flag to reach lower levels.
Showing off with some acrobatic moves.
No jump is too far for your prince.
He moves like a cat... there's no worry he'll lose balance, you can even run.
There's an abundance of pressure plates which only keep the door open for a brief period of time.
I wonder if they knew that many rocks are sticking out of walls when they first built this place.
Finally catching up to Malik.
Pause menu.
Some enemies cannot be defeated while they're still holding the shield.
Finishing the enemy while he's lying defenseless.
Finally reaching the inner palace... or what's left of it.
These pillars look jumpable... and of course, they are.
Prince fighting the undead sand army in Ezio's costume.
Kicking the beast in the belly.
A volleyball serving move... only I don't have a ball but a very sharp blade instead.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Good thing the prince showed up - the battle is already raging.
The prince has to find his way through enemy fire.
Activate both plates to e.g. get through a door - a mechanic you'll be using often.
Jumping around, killing bad dudes - what more is there?
Come my little enemies. Let's play!
The prince and his brother Malik have a rather strange relationship.
Don't ask me where the Prince is. I don't entirely know either.
I love fighting the undead!
Find the Prince on this picture.
Who builds such huge things inside his castle? And more importantly: were aliens involved?
The classic sawblades on the wall.
Activated one of my special powers to deal with those bad guys.
That guy just learned the meaning of "Finishing Move!".
Arrows - just for decoration
4:1? easy!