Play the original Prince of Persia gamesContributed by Sciere (505957) on Jan 18, 2004.

Soon after you get your first new sword, you head into an ancient basement with a lot of open space. Near the end of that run, you find yourself at a switch that rotates. Rotating it ninety degrees will open the gate in front of you, but you can rotate it another ninety degrees. Hit the wall it will point at three times to knock it down. That will officially unlock Prince of Persia 1. At that point, you can continue through the now-open gate and play right away (you'll be prompted to save first, because you can't go back), or you could just continue on as normal and access the game from the main menu.

It cannot be unlocked in the PC version. Also, the X-Box version of the game is set up differently. Knocking the wall down will give you Prince of Persia 2. Beating the game will give you this game.

(as described in CyricZ' guide).

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