Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Loading screen
Main menu
Opening cinematic, the prince is returning to Babylon with Kaileena.
Prince returned just to find his city in turmoil, and just to make things worse, Kaileena was kidnapped by the monsters.
The game offers gameplay hints during the first couple of minutes.
Jumping always needs to be precise unless you don't want to fall down.
New feature for the Dagger of Time is to hold onto specific holes in the wall.
One archer less
As before, fountains are spots where you can save your game progress.
Using 1st-person view will let you see the enemies' camera would not.
As you defeat enemies they will leave the sands that will replenish your rewinding ability.
Chariot scenes will require lots of sand orbs to rewind time unless you know the route by heart.
This is gonna be a bold jump into the unknown.
When other chariot approaches, pin it to the wall before it happens to you.
Just some of the many combos prince can perform.
Prince and the princess are surrounded by the enemy.
Prince fighting his dark side, you cannot die in this realm.
Unlockable concept art, Kaileena
Yikes, this was a bad jump... though will not happen in actual game.
Prince is angry at the monster for hitting him too hard, apparently that wasn't in the script.

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Wall running.
As before, fountains are spots where you can save your game progress.
You can enemies fast form behind using Speed Kill.
The 1st-person function allows you to view the surroundings and the enemies from a free perspective.
Chariot Race mini-game
Unlockable concept art

Windows version

Prince of Persia (Introduction).
The ship is under attack (Introduction).
The city in flames.
You can save your progress by drinking water from the fountains.
The throne room.
The streets of Babylon.
The ruined palace.
Dark Prince and his amazing combos.
Death from above.
There are two chariot sequences in the game.
First boss.
The evil Vizier.
Prince the Impaler.
Prince and Farah.
Dark Prince.
Dark Prince on his way to the city gardens.
The city gardens.
Another Speedkill.
The Hanging Gardens.
Little chit-chat in the elevator.
The caves.
Slow Time effect.
The chain wrecks havok on your opponents.
Prince in the temple.
Going down...
Waiting for a chance to strike.
The palace is far away from here.
The sewers.
Attack from behind.
Wake up with a terrible hangover.
Make new friends.
Meet beautiful women.
Become the member of the Brotherhood.
All this and more in Prince`s latest search for Love in several wrong places.