Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Screenshots

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J2ME version

Title screen
She doesn't look that worried.
The prince holds two swords.
You go down slides only using your hands.
In new situations, the game displays the buttons you needs to press.
Running up a wall, collecting orbs in the meantime.
The first tough enemy
The prince morphs into his darker half.
A speed kill from above - press the button quickly to finish him off.
Chariot races in the city
This isn't a fair battle.
Riding on top of a dragon, preparing for a speed kill.
The sands of time have been activated, slowing down the environment.
The dark prince attacks with his whip from behind.
With the sands of time activated, I will be able to dodge this, but my opponent won't.
The dark prince can attack from a distance.
Jump off at the right time.
Charging for a finishing move.
The prince has many combos, he slices his opponent with a few quick flashes here.
Another chariot race, but now with a dragon and fireballs.
Fighting inside the mouth of a dragon.
An upward combo with both swords.
The two princes finally meet.
Arrows point to the right direction.
You can block incoming attacks by crossing your swords.
Well, it was worth the effort.
End of level report