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WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2006)
Der stimmungsvolle Mix aus Hüpf- und Metzelpassagen funktioniert in allen drei Episoden bestens, in erster Linie dank des vorbildlichen Leveldesigns. Allerdings stören oft Kamera-Probleme und berechenbare KI-Gegner, zudem ist die Grafik leicht veraltet - bis auf die brillanten Animationen. Wer den Prinzen nicht kennt, kann aber zugreifen.
PlayStation 3Digital Chumps (May 01, 2011)
Bear in mind that this Trilogy includes the original game with 3D support and brushed up visuals, it is not any kind of re-imaginging or anything like that (i.e., it's not a Tomb Raider: Anniversary job)[...] Not quite as finely tuned as I had hoped for. The HD remastering is noticeable, but not breathtaking. The sound has some ups and downs, and I thought the complete package could have been wrapped up nicer with a better game launcher and more extra features (like newer making of videos or something like that.)[...] These aren't three perfect games by any means, but you are looking at 30+ hours of very good-to-great third person action adventure here at a very reasonable price.[...]All three of these games have some frustrating areas and some persistent disagreeable attributes, but once again, overall, the experience is good.
PlayStation 3IGN (Apr 26, 2011)
Along with the widescreen support, all three games are presented at a higher resolution. The resulting HD graphics aren't going to blow your mind (this is the same engine as the original games, after all), but they do hold up surprisingly well. The giant vistas and beautiful scenery of the Prince games still looks great all these years later. And, if you have a 3D TV, you can experience all of the Prince's adventures in the next dimension, as the entire franchise has been reworked to take advantage of the new 3D craze.
PlayStation (UK) (Nov 18, 2010)
Admittedly, the "high definition" element of the update is only a partial success. The Sands of Time, first released in 2003, stands up well – its curvy, wind-hewn masonry, cartoon-like character models and penchant for translucent veils and light diffused through sparkly sand preserve its ethereal atmosphere against the ravages of time. But the younger games, Warrior Within and Two Thrones, are home to some ghastly animations and character models introduced as the developers sought a mainstream audience. Look past that, though (and the eight-minute mandatory hard-disk install) and this is a fine compilation.
PlayStation (Mar 11, 2011)
Il Prince of Persia: Le Sabbie del Tempo contenuto nella raccolta Prince of Persia: Trilogy HD mantiene inalterato tutto il suo fascino e anzi, pur con tutti i distinguo del caso, sembra avvantaggiarsi dalla rimasterizzazione in alta definizione. Grazie a essa la grafica appare infatti più colorata e pulita, bella a vedersi, e in generale ci piace l'opportunità che l'adattamento per le televisioni HD dà ai vecchi giocatori di riassaporare certe atmosfere magiche vissute ai tempi della PlayStation 2, mentre ai nuovi di riscoprire un grande gioco, certamente uno dei migliori titoli d'azione degli ultimi anni.