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WindowsGameZebo (Aug 22, 2009)
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse is a little strange (one of the items I had to find was a "twisted neck") and seems to have something against snakes (the game considers them "evil"), but its healthy variety of well-crafted puzzles and hidden object searches make for a challenging and creative fairy tale. The game's ending hints at a possible sequel; here's hoping we get to see another chapter of this story.
WindowsImpulse Gamer (Jan, 2011)
Graphically, Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse is a very nice looking with some stunning graphics. Add in a mythical type soundtrack and everything comes together nicely. The voice acting suits the premise as well, although generally it's quite forced and contrived that at times made me giggle. But in the end, I really enjoyed this game and proves that hidden object games can still challenge and offer players something different than the stock standard formula.
Nintendo (Dec 21, 2010)
„Princess Isabella: A Witch‘s Curse“ ist derzeitig auf dem Markt die erste Wahl für Wimmelbildspieler und -spielerinnen. Ein abwechslungsreiches Spielkonzept, eine atmosphärische Geschichte, und eine gelungene Präsentation, eingebettet in eine spannende Thematik, machen das Abenteuerspiel zu dem derzeitig besten Wimmelbildspiel für den Nintendo DS. Wer unbedingt einmal ein Wimmelbildspiel ausprobieren möchte, sollte zu „Princess Isabella: A Witch‘s Curse“ greifen.