Princess Maker Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Choose your birthday!
The little girl has a famous Dad :)
That's the girl you raise :)
Let's start raising her! She is still a child...
Studying hard!
Chatting with townsfolk
Princess' stats
If you go to church often, your morals will improve :)
Leaving the town for adventure!
Do you want her to be an artist?
Battle against a mean-looking dude
The princess is a teenager now!
She looks sad :)
Found a treasure chest...
She is eighteen!
Now she can have a job...
...for example as a waitress...
...or as a WHORE! Happy now, Dad?!..
One of the many different ending pictures

TurboGrafx CD version

Adventure Mode
In the flower bed
Fighting a Wildcat
The Daughter Picture or the main one
Talking to someone
Title screen
Character creation. I could never figure out why blood type was so important...
Princess complete! :)
That's how your daughter turns out if you educate her the wrong way... Nah, just kidding. It's the demon from the intro
Hero Dad defeats the social worker who was wondering why the hero forced his ten-year-old daughter to work
Your Majesty, stop the wars, care for environment, start listening to Bob Dylan records!..
The scared little kid from the orphanage becomes your daughter... Such a sweet moment :)
Main in-game menu
You can visit the castle at any time
Chatting with townsfolk
Stats screen, which leads to more sub-menus
Dressing more casual
Summer clothes
Shopping menu
Lots of weaposn to choose from
Inventory screen
Schedule screen
Training to fight
From time to time, examination battle will occur
Even princesses must go to school...
Studying good manners, dancing, etc.
The poor ten-year-old girl has to work... either at the hotel... the weapons shop...
...or in a hospital. Ten years old. Go figure
Mercifully, the cruel Dad might allow her to have a break from time to time...
...or even go on expensive vacations. Don't overspoil her, Dad
Now the princess explores the hostile top-down surroundings
Fighting a wolf at night
Weird sexy cat demon...