Prism: Light the Way Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Title screen
Main menu
If I select 'Play', I can choose timed or puzzle.
In 'Timed', I have only so long to complete the puzzle.
I ran out of time. Here is how I SHOULD have completed it.
I finished this puzzle.
If I choose 'Puzzle', I can select which puzzle to try. There is no time limit but I can't get the next 8 until I finish these.

Windows version

In the shareware version, you get this screen first.
Title screen
Select a language
The story.
Main menu
The first tutorial puzzle.
The second tutorial puzzle, the first with a mirror.
The puzzle is solved.
After the tutorials, you get the 'Play' menu.
Choosing "Time', it asks me what level to start at.
Time puzzle number 1. I have thirty seconds to complete it.
I completed Time puzzle number 2 with 21 seconds left.
Oh, dear. I ran out of time. This is the solution I should have gotten.
Timed puzzle game over. I can quit to the Play menu or retry the Timed puzzles.
The Puzzle puzzles are 8 puzzles per level that you can complete at your leisure. Once you finish all 8, it is on to the next level.
In Hyper, get the light to the Glowbos before they explode. One is exploding here.
In Infinite, you just get random puzzles , each harder than the last, with no time limit.
When you exit the shareware release, you get this screen.