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WindowsBytten (Oct 14, 2005)
Fizzwizzle is a high quality game that will keep your children amused for a long time. If you have no children, even better - you'll get to play it all the more often!
WindowsBinary Joy (Aug 14, 2006)
So to conclude, I’ve spend quite a few very enjoyable hours playing this game, and I will be playing it some more. It’s great fun and good value for money but also quite hard later on. If you get easily frustrated or don’t enjoy thinking (i.e. you prefer action games to puzzle) then this game may not be suitable for you. Professor Fizzwizzle deserves to do really well but I guess its success will depend on how many people are willing to give it a go and strain their brain a little bit.
WindowsIndie Game Magazine (Oct 13, 2008)
Grubby Games knows the casual market. Professor Fizzwizzle has won tons of critical acclaim, awards, etc. and I’m sure has sold tons of copies as well. It understands exactly the type of people that enjoy and buy these types of games and offers a huge repetoire of levels and features for them. Console gamers, PC gamers, and old school gamers alike could enjoy this game…will they shell out the cash to buy it…I doubt it….but the casual gamer will and will love that they did. Rarely have I seen a casual game that is 1: an Original Idea 2: not some sort of match 3 or bejeweled clone 4: more than a simple click here/there game…ahem…cake mania and diner dash and 5: actually worth $20. What does Professor Fizzwizzle really do best? It offers you a tremendous value at $20, because of the number of levels, downloadable levels, and ability to make your own levels. If you enjoy this game, you will not stop playing it due to a lack of features…that’s for sure.
WindowsOut Of Eight (Aug 07, 2006)
However, Professor Fizzwizzle does have more appeal for a wider audience, as there are levels appropriate for both children and adults here (Eets is geared towards more experienced players). There are tons of levels, both in the game and available for download, so players who enjoy Professor Fizzwizzle can keep playing for ages to come. Professor Fizzwizzle does fall short in the graphics and sound department, and the relative small amount of object variety does hurt the overall replay ability of the game. The game also lacks those “cool” moments, where something unexpected happens during a solution, as the puzzles are pretty straightforward. However, the game does provide an adequate challenge, so that should keep at least some people interested in the title. Professor Fizzwizzle is best suited for a range of skill levels, as the game should provide a test for both young and old, but more experienced puzzle gamers will feel a little disappointed in the long run.
WindowsSoftonic (Oct 28, 2005)
Professor Fizzwizzle needs your help! His once-friendly Friend-Bots have gone in to rage mode, and have thrown him out of his lab! Can you puzzle your way past the Rage-Bots and help Professor Fizzwizzle set things right? He's counting on you!