Project: Snowblind Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The title screen
The title screen is followed by screens to select 50Hz or 60Hz. After this comes the company logos and a low resolution animated introduction which mimics a newsreel style
The second title screen.
This artwork is used as a background for the screens where the player chooses between 50Hz or 60Hz.
It's not much but this is the main menu screen
There are numerous profile ans save game slots
The game starts with the peacekeeping force arriving in Hong Kong and there's an animated sequence showing the GIs landing. As soon as they land they are attacked
Opening fire on an attacker
the player uses one joystick to move, the other joystick to aim and R1/R2 to fire primary & secondary weapons.
Takes some getting used to
The enemy can be above, below, ahead or behind so stay alert.
The background of the city is nicely drawn
The player always has objectives
To start out with they are pretty straightforward
Walking around the dead the player can pick up additional weapons and ammunition. The first time they do this they are told how to use it
The second wave of attackers descends on the peacekeepers compound and they are better armed
In addition to air support the attackers have deployed Combat Robots
There's one just to the left of the cursor
Game Over

Windows version

Main menu
"New game" intro
Just starting out.
A save console.
Large-scale firefight
Firing an emplaced gun.
It's just one of those days, I guess.
Just in case you're confused about where to go.
Sneaking around.
Looking through walls.

Xbox version

The title screen is a little bright!
This is were you can change options or see what your objectives are.
The LT colonel explains your first mission.
It gets hectic from this point on!
When you aim at an object or allies, the display will show you their health and name.
You can use these wall panels to save your game.
This tracker will show you where your objectives are.
You can drive vehicles too!
Hack into security panels with the "Ice pick" gun!
Once you have hacked your way in, you can use the security guns!
Changing weapons can be done using the D-pad or by holding the white button.
Security beams have to be disabled to continue.
Fighting before you have your arguments fitted.
It's too quiet in here!
You would not think that this is a prison!
You have to be sneaky in some parts of this game!
The mist effects are really good (you need to see it moving).
The allies love to use mounted weapons.
The only one shot kill (without the sniper rifle) is to the back of the head.
That left hook kills both friends & foes!
This nifty gun can pull objects toward you or push them out of the way.
Spider bots are handy for taking out foes.
If you get hit by a E.M.P blast you end up with snow-blind.
He will never know what hit him.