Project: Space Station

Project: Space Station Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Planning Menu.
Designing your station.
Launch Pad.
The shuttle cockpit.
Choosing your crew.

Project: Space Station Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen (In All Its Four-color CGA Glory)
The Main Menu Bar
The Disk Menu
The Help Menu
Detailed On-line Help for Launch Scheduling
The Budget Planning Screen
The Crew Selection Screen
Each Potential Crew Member Has A Detailed Profile
The Equipment Selection Screen
Detailed Info Is Available for Every Piece Of Equipment
The Module Selection Screen
Detailed Info Is Available for Every Space Station Module
You Have To Design Your Station Before You Can Build It
Detailed Launch Scheduling
You're Not Doing Anything Until NASA Approves Your Budget!
The Shuttle Launch Pad
Launch Status Monitor
Going EVA in a POD to Build the Station
Selecting an R&D Project
R&D Project Description
Transferring Personnel From a Shuttle to the Station
Assigning Personnel & Equipment to an R&D Project
Reviewing the Progress of an R&D Project
Checking the Landing Site Conditions Prior to Landing
Selecting a Shuttle to Land
Re-entry Monitor & Control
Bringing Down Columbia
Rough Landings Put Shuttles Out Of Commission For A While
Start New Mission
Mission Catalog
Save Current Mission
Resume Mission
Plan menu
Format Mission Data Disk
Choose Mission Tutorial
No Funds available