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Jet Grind Radio (PS Vita)

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Advertising Blurbs - Game Boy Advance (French):


    Le titre le plus « cool » de la Xbox et de la Dreamcast vient « tagger » la GBA !

    C'est le moment de replonger en 2024 à Tokyo. La liberté d'expression n'est plus qu'un vague concept. A vous de changer cet état de fait en imposant votre style !
    Choisissez un personnage, chaussez vos rocket-rollers et plongez dans les rues d'une cité pleine de vie...
    Avec ses graphismes type comics, de nouveaux tricks et une bande-son exceptionnelle, l'univers endiablé et branché de Jet Set Radio revient, cette fois sur GBA.
    Au programme : tags, tricks, acrobaties, compétition avec des gangs rivaux, poursuites avec les Forces de l'Ordre, et bien plus !


    • De nombreux modes de jeu : course en face à face, freestyle skating, sessions tag chronométrées, mode mission...
    • Créez votre tag personnalisé, évitez la police et ses gaz lacrymogènes, réalisez de gros scores en « grindant » partout et en exécutant des « tricks » de folie !
    • Des personnages au look original et délirant !
    • Un mode multi-joueur à 4 pour s'affronter un max !

    Contributed by Xoleras (66222) on Sep 23, 2005. – Game Boy Advance:
    Game Overview
    The hip-hop Dreamcast® hit makes it’s way to the Game Boy® Advance. Jet Grind Radio returns in true 3D blasting through exciting and diverse levels with a complex AI engine that brings huge game levels spanning over five different city environments alive. Over 10 playable characters each with their own style, personality, and abilities. As Professor K scratches hip-hop and techno beats, players can explore multiple game modes including one-on-one races, freestyle skating for points, timed tagging sessions and the single player mission based mode. Multiplayer modes allows for up to four players to challenge each other in five styles of play.

    © Smilebit / SEGA CORPORATION, 1999. SEGA and the SEGA (Logo) are registered trademarks or trademark of SEGA CORPORATION. Jet Grind Radio is a registered trademark or a trademark of Sega Corporation and its affiliates. Created and co-published by SEGA. Exclusively co-published by THQ Inc. Game Boy Advance version by Vicarious Visions. Vicarious Visions and its logo are trademarks of Vicarious Visions Inc. THQ and the THQ logo are registered trademarks of THQ Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (54193) on Jul 14, 2005.
    Hey, Picasso! THQ's Jet Grind Radio for the Game Boy Advance takes spray-painting to the extreme.

    As one of 10 characters from three rival gangs, your socially questionable task is to grab some in-line skates and cans of spray paint, then cruise Tokyo-to city (a futuristic burg vaguely inspired by the real Tokyo) and tag everything in sight.

    With five stages to explore, spray paint as many objects as possible while avoiding The Man before time runs out.

    You can even design your own graffiti signature.

    Multiplayer games include:
    Turf Wars -- Team up to tag (two-player only)
    Killer Crush -- Dash to the tag point at the finish line.
    Throw Down -- Tag others, but don't get tagged yourself.
    Tricky -- Outpoint your posing pals with massive grinds and tricks.

    Various power-ups give you short-term invincibility, turbo boosts and invisibility.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66222) on Dec 31, 2004.

Back Cover - Dreamcast:
    Tag, Grind and Trick to the Beat

    Join a graffiti crew, stamp your territory and protect it from rival taggers, but watch out for the angry cops!

  • Cartoon-dimension art style in visually-compelling 3D environments

  • Over 10 funky and hip characters

  • 5 fully interactive cities with 16 challenging missions

  • In-game graffiti design screen

  • Trade custom logos and graffiti online

  • Cutting-edge hip-hop and industrial soundtracks, including tunes from Rob Zombie, Jurassic - 5, and Mix Master Mike

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2075) on May 06, 2004.