Sine Mora (PS Vita)

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Gaming Age
Overall, Sine Mora is really an amazing game. Simple in it's gameplay, but challenging enough for even the hardcore Bullet Hell Players. Other than the length of the main game, I really can't find anything to gripe about, once you start playing it will be hard to put down. If you like games like Gradius, R-Type or even the more obscure Trouble Witches Neo, you will love Sine Mora. If side scrolling shooters aren't really your cup of tea, I urge you to try this out anyway since I'm pretty sure Sine Mora will convert you.
Push Square
Sine Mora is Latin for 'without delay', which is a fitting recommendation for one of the finest side-scrolling shooters of the generation. This a compelling tribute to a bygone era, and a must-have if you're a fan of the genre.
Sine Mora is one of the most beautiful shmups I’ve ever had the chance to play. It’s also a solid action title with a surprisingly deep story about the lengths someone will go for revenge. Purists will find it a fresh addition to their collection while casual observers may be turned off by the short length and the game’s masochistic delight in punishing players with nearly impossible odds.
Worth Playing
As before, Sine Mora is a great example of a bullet hell shooter with style. The action is frantic, the mechanics are tight, and the story and art style present the player with a unique and enjoyable experience. The transition to the Vita comes off mostly intact, and while some additions aren't very useful, most will provide fans with a good reason to get the game for the handheld. Even though it's another port, it's one that Vita owners will be glad to own.
Gamers' Temple, The
The first, second, and third time are the charm.
Sine Mora è un titolo imprescindibile per gli amanti degli sparatutto bidimensionali e possessori di una PS Vita. Il piccolo capolavoro di Grasshopper Manufacture, che già ci aveva convinto nella sua edizione per Xbox Live, raddoppia anche grazie a un prezzo più vantaggioso e offrendo un gameplay che si sposa alla perfezione con il portatile di casa Sony. Grazie a una modalità Storia ardua, ma non troppo, è un art design magistrale, il gioco potrebbe persino fare la felicità di chi solitamente non è avvezzo al genere: il mondo di Seol è pulsante di vita e carico di fascino quanto basta per appassionare un po’ tutti. Naturalmente se lo avete già giocato su Xbox 360 non ha senso riacquistarlo sul PSN. In caso contrario dovete assolutamente farci almeno un pensierino.
Cheat Code Central
I guess this is the part of the review where I remind you that, besides the scaled-down visuals (which are still damn pretty), the PS Vita version of Sine Mora is the bees’ knees. If you have a Vita and haven’t played this yet, you absolutely need to. It’ll give you an excuse to dust off that little guy for a bit, anyway.
Game Critics
My very minor disappointment with the story aside, Sine Mora is an outstanding shooter that excels in every other area—the design, aesthetics and mechanics are all top-notch, and couldn't be a better fit for the Vita. For players who own Sony's machine and have an appreciation for games of this sort, they honestly don't come better than this.
Spazio Games
Nonostante il tempo passi e le console cambino, Sine Mora continua a essere lo stesso bel gioco che era circa nove mesi fa su Xbox Live. Il gioco rappresenta una vera e propria ventata d'aria fresca, pur essendo l'ultimo rappresentante di un genere di videogame che in realtà è tutto meno che giovane. Se quindi siete amanti degli shoot 'em up, amate le sfide che fanno sudare freddo, non disprezzate le atmosfere steampunk e possedete una Playstation Vita, state certi che questo è il gioco che fa per voi. Certo, a patto che non vi dispiaccia farvi il mazzo prima di prenderci la mano e che siate disposti a digerire l'amaro boccone di una campagna più breve del dovuto.
Respekt an Grasshopper und Digital Reality: Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass jemand einen derart hübschen Horizontal-Shooter auf die Beine stellt. Die abwechslungsreichen Luftschiffe, rauchenden Metallstädte und weiten Naturpanoramen beeindrucken nicht nur durch starke Technik, sondern sind auch unheimlich stilsicher gestaltet. Das clevere Zeit-System bringt viel Dynamik ins klassische Genre und auch die Kämpfe gegen gigantische Bosse rocken! Bei der Punktejagd bleibt mir das Spiel aber zu konservativ auf Profis ausgerichtet: Wenn ich nicht stoisch auswendig lerne, wann wo welches Flugzeug auftaucht, ist im Handumdrehen der Countdown verstrichen. Warum gibt es keinen mittleren Schwierigkeitsgrad wie z.B. in Super Stardust HD? Auch die schlichte Präsentation, die übertrieben theatralischen Story-Texte und der ruhige Soundtrack passen nicht so recht zum blitzschnellen Kampf um Zehntelsekunden. Doch unterm Strich bietet Sine Mora einen spannenden Ausflug in eine bezaubernde Kugelhölle.
Game Revolution
Sine Mora fills a void in the Vita's lineup. It's an arcade-balanced, twitch title with tons of beautiful visuals and plenty of replay value. Bosses and environments are inventive and challenging, while still leaving room for noobs looking to dip their toes in the shoot-'em-up genre. Despite the unintelligible story and the fact that schmups are still quite niche, it's easy to recommend Sine Mora all over again.
Pocket Gamer UK
The largely nonsensical story does tarnish its appeal ever so slightly, but it's certainly one of the better games you'll play from the palm of your hand. It's just a beautiful bullet-hell ballet for your Vita
As confusing as the story may be, as well as some frustrating gameplay mechanics that could have been more finely-tuned, Sine Mora is still a solid shoot ‘em up that is perfectly captured on the Vita. The art design and moody ensemble cast also make this one of the most aesthetically unique games in the genre since Einhander on the PS1. Like with all Grasshopper games, this is an experience that feels traditional in its gameplay, but carries a visual style unlike anything else.
Sine Mora est une incroyable réussite ! Avec ce titre, Grasshopper et Digital Reality ont littéralement dépoussiéré le shoot'em up. Ils ont rendu le genre accessible au grand public sans pour autant le dénaturer. Ils nous offrent ainsi un soft équilibré qui constitue aussi bien un régal pour les yeux qu'un challenge progressif pour tous les types de joueurs.
Thunderbolt Games
Sure, you’ll live. You’ve got time to spare. But take one hit, lose your weapon upgrades and suddenly you’re back to lining up your gunship with the enemy’s weak point, your narrow attack barely grazing it before you have to dodge again. The chance at an impressive upgrade system seems to have been passed up, in favor of one that harkens back to the punishing olden days of bullet hell. But then again, that’s what this game is: a throwback to the classic games that created the genre. It comes bundled with a strange, obscure narrative and a flawless paint job, but the homage to the old lies there, in plain sight, beneath the sparkle.