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Tomb Raider (PS Vita)

missing cover art
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.
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Available for Trade

User Platform Comments Condition
MAN-biker (75) DOS None Not Specified
Brandon Bly DOS Limited Version (not all levels) Not Specified
Kaze-chan DOS None Not Specified
nopi DOS works with windows.95' Box/Packaging: Very Good
Original Media: Very Good
Manual: Very Good
(more info)
n][rvana (1828) DOS None Box/Packaging: Near Mint
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Catalog: Near Mint
Reference Card: Near Mint
Additional Items: Near Mint
(more info)
tbuteler (3022) DOS None Not Specified
Tve DOS None Not Specified
n][rvana (1828) DOS Has a Win9x autorun but runs natively in DOS. Supports DOS Glide with a patch. Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Item Missing
Catalog: Item Missing
Reference Card: Item Missing
Additional Items: Item Missing
(more info)
n][rvana (1828) DOS None Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
(more info)
n][rvana (1828) DOS None Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
(more info)
TheCabal (35) DOS None Not Specified
Micro Net (1) DOS None Not Specified
C Horton (15) PlayStation None Not Specified
Paul Talbot PlayStation None Not Specified
Robert Collins (4) PlayStation None Not Specified
AkibaTechno (228) SEGA Saturn I could not believe the condition this was in when I found it. Everything about it made it seem like I just bought the game sealed and pulled the wrapping off. It even has a HYPER big rubber stump of approval sticker on it! How cool is that? Box/Packaging: Near Mint
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Reference Card: Near Mint
(more info)

Wanted for Trade

User Platform Comments Desired Condition
test test (1) DOS None Not Specified
sweet oblivion DOS None Not Specified
GT4md (8) DOS None Not Specified
Karol Jędrzejczyk (4) DOS None Not Specified
Jeffrey D (1) Windows None Not Specified
8bitbecca PlayStation None Not Specified
Matthew Green (12) PlayStation None Not Specified
Psyloid (5) PlayStation None Not Specified
Mejs (38) PlayStation None Not Specified
pat nas (117) PlayStation None Not Specified
pat nas (117) PlayStation None Not Specified
truman 2001 (36) PlayStation None Not Specified
GT4md (8) PlayStation None Not Specified
Antonio Valente PlayStation None Not Specified
Patrik Pajer (4) PlayStation None Not Specified
Mastermind41 (8) PlayStation None Not Specified
marty CUMMINGS PlayStation None Not Specified
arppa[FIN] PlayStation None Not Specified
GNJMSTR (148) PlayStation None Not Specified
SegaMon (12) SEGA Saturn None Not Specified
Carlos Ramírez (1) SEGA Saturn None Not Specified
Crystal McCrone SEGA Saturn None Not Specified

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