Activision Anthology Credits

Barking Lizards

Lead ProgrammerDrew Fisher
Additional ProgrammingKarl Whinnie

Contraband Entertainment

Emulator ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman (Burger)
Internal ProducerKyle Shubel (Where's my Check?)
Lead DesignerR. Scott Campbell (Angry Monkey)
Render‑MonkeyR. Scott Campbell (Angry Monkey)
Lead ModelerStephen G. Wells (You want it WHEN?)
ArtistStephen G. Wells (You want it WHEN?)
Additional ArtBennett D. Bellot (The Cajun)
Original MusicDee Briggs
Special ThanksRichard Cowgill (Iggy), Joe Ridel (Code Pimp), Chris Jacobson (Maincoon), Steven Norwalk (I just work here), Steve Accomando

Activision Development Team

ProducerKen Love
Associate ProducerBlaine Christine
Senior ProducerBrian Clarke
Executive ProducerChris Archer
VP, North American StudiosMurali Tegulapalle
Exec. VP, Worldwide StudiosLawrence Goldberg

Marketing and PR

Associate Brand ManagerJennifer Daniels
Brand ManagerJenny Stornetta
Director, Global Brand ManagementRachel Silverstein
VP, Global Brand ManagementTricia Bertero
Exec VP, Global Publishing and Brand ManagementKathy Vrabeck
Marketing CoordinatorJeremy Grapner
Public RelationsLisa Fields


LegalGeorge Rose, Robert Pfau, Michael James Larson, David Kay

Creative Services

VP, Creative ServicesDenise Walsh
VP, OperationsDenise Walsh
Creative Marketing DirectorMatthew Stainner
Mgr, Creative ServicesJill Barry

Quality Assurance

QA Project LeadJefrey Sedivy
QA Senior Project LeadBenjamin DeGuzman
QA Manager, Console TestingJoseph Favazza
Floor LeadJeff Grant
Test TeamWilliam West, Shai Dahan, Mark Patterson

Customer Support

CS ManagerBob McPherson
CS Escalation and Information LeadRob Lim
CS Phone LeadGary Bolduc
CS Email LeadMichael Hill

Packaging and Manual Design

Packaging and Manual DesignIgnited Minds LLC

Additional Programmers

Additional ProgrammersThomas Jentzsch, Philip R. Frey

Music Supervision

Music SupervisionLori Lahman, Nelson Bae, Sonic Fusion

Video Production Services

Monitor VideoTom Canotonwine, and the entire Monitor Video family

Activision UK

Senior VP, European PublishingScott Dodkins
Director of Strategic Marketing EuropeRoger Walkden
Marketing ManagerCarolyn London
Assistant Brand ManagerNerys Lukes
Head of Publishing ServicesNathalie Ranson
Localisation Project ManagerMark Nutt
Creative Services ManagerJackie Sutton
Operations ManagerHeather Clarke
Production PlannerLynne Moss
Production AssistantVictoria Fisher

Special Thanks

Activision Special ThanksEdward Clune, Glenn Saunders, John Hardie, Tony Silveira, Albert Yarusso, Alex Bilstein, Theodore Zanaglio, Scott Stilphen, Ken Anderson, Adam Harvey, Tim Duarte, Sebastian Clave (Jahfish), Russ Perry Jr., Ben Liashenko, Rusel DeMaria, Chuck Bremer, Leonard Herman, Chris Wilson (Osmeroid), Mike Gedeon, Sandy LaBrec, Dan Einstein, Dale Crum, Cameron Pershall, Shawn Capistrano, Stacy Sooter, Peter Muravez, Ryan Rucinski, Brian Pass, Joseph Shackelford, Gene Bahng, Eric Grossman, Steve Rosenthal, Bryant Bustamante, Forward Never Straight, Chris Langlois, Shelby Yates, Jessica H. Christine, Ron Doornink, Robert Kotick, Brian Kelly, Brian Bright, Chris Galvin, Jay Gordon, Lindsey Hayes, James Hudson, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Eric Koch, Kragen Lum, Jairo Silva, Michael Ward, Nicole Willick, Austin Hurwitz, Sylvia Orzel, Ron Graening, Belinda M. Van Sickle, Tonya Puerto, Don Terbush, Steven Morgan, Abby Lin, Jason Swan, Bob Knight, Terry Bozzio, Melissa Munana, Stevo, Louise Black, James David, Marc Durand, Esther Friedman, Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Tim Vanlaw, Nadine Theuzillot, Marilena Morini, Adam Hartsfield, Siôn Rodriguez y Gibson, Matthew McClure, Indra Yee, Marco Scataglini, Todd Komesu, Michael Beck, Willie Bolton, Chad Siedhoff, Jennifer Vitiello, Nicholas Favazza, Al Sedivy, Kenny Sedivy, Catie Sedivy
An Incredibly Huge Thanks toDavid Lubar, Larry Kaplan, Daniel James Kitchen, Mike Lorenzen, Rex E. Bradford, Alan Miller, Garry Kitchen, Tom Sloper, Michael Buetepage, David Crane, Jim Levy, Jan Marsella, Bruce Davis, Matthew Hubbard, Larry Miller, Jessica Stevens, Charlie Heath, Tom Lopez, Jim McGinnis, Dave Lamkins, James Charne, Mike Brodie, Robert A. Whitehead, Steve Cartwright, David Rolfe, Larry Zwick, Carol Shaw, Mike Reidel, Ken Anderson, Bob Polaro, Action Graphics, Members of the East Coast Design Centre, The Boston Design Centre, The Pasadena Design Centre, and to the rest of the original Activision family..., 'You know who you are'

Song Credits

"We're Not Gonna Take It"Performed by Twisted Sister, Dee Snider (Writer), Courtesy of Snidest Music Co., Administered by Zomba Melodies Inc. [SESAC], (P) 1984 Atlantic Recording Corp., Produced Under License From Atlantic Recording Corp., By Arrangement with Warner Special Products
"It's My Life"Performed by Talk Talk, Tin Friese Greene (Writer), Michael Hollis (Writer), Published by Zomba Music Publishers Ltd., Administered by Zomba Entertprises Inc. [ASCAP], (p) 1984 EMI Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Mexican Radio"Performed by Wall of Voodoo, Chas T. Gray (Writer), Marc Moreland (Writer), Stannard Ridgway (Writer), Joe Nanini (Writer), Published by Illegal Songs Inc./Big Talk Music [BMI], (p) 1982 IRS Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Tainted Love"Performed by Soft Cell, Edward Cobb (Writer), Published by Embassy Music Corp., (BMI) (Administered by Music Sales Corp.), (p) 1981 Mercury Records Limited, Courtesy of Mercury Records, Limited Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"Walking in L.A."Performed by Missing Persons, Terry Bozzio (Writer), Published by Private Life Music [ASCAP], (p) 1982 Capital Records, Courtesy of Capital Records, Under License from EMI Film & TV Music
"The Tide is High"Performed by Blondie, John Holt (Writer), Tyrone Evans (Writer), Howard Barrett (Writer), (BMI) (Administered by Music Sales Corp.), (p) 1982 Chrysalis Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Always Something There to Remind Me"Performed by Naked Eyes, Burt Bacharach (Writer), Hal David (Writer), Published by New Hidden Valley Music [ASCAP], (Administered by WB Music Corp.) [ASCAP] & Casa David [ASCAP], (p) 1983 EMI Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Pulling Mussels (From A Shell)"Performed by Squeeze, Chris Difford (Writer), Glenn Tilbrook (Writer), Published by Almo Music Corp. [ASCAP], a/b/o Rondar Music London Ltd., (p) 1980 - A&M Records Ltd., Under Exclusive License to Mercury Records Limited, Courtesy of Mercury Records Limited, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"Take On Me"Performed by A‑Ha, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (Writer), Magne Furuholmen (Writer), Morten Harket (Writer), Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK Ltd., (Administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC [BMI]), (p) 1985 Warner Bros. Records Inc., Produced Under License from Warner Bros. Records Inc., By Arrangement with Warner Special Products
"Harden My Heart"Performed by Quarterfish, Marvin Ross (Writer), Published by Bonnie Bee Good Music & Narrow Music Dude [ASCAP], Administered by WB Music Corp. [ASCAP], (p) 1981 Geffen Records, Courtesy of Geffen Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"No More Words"Performed by Berlin, John Crawford (Writer), Published Universal-Geffen Again Music [BMI], (p) 1984 Geffen Records, Courtesy of Geffen Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"Safety Dance"Performed by Men Without Hats, Ivan Doroschuk (Writer), Published by Songs of Universal [BMI], (p) 1983 MCA Records, Courtesy of Marc Durand and MCA Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

In Memory of

In Memory ofLarry Zwick, Gene Smith, Marc Moreland, Rob Fisher
Dedicated toKids Everywhere

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (203849) and Patrick Bregger (198867)