Activision Anthology Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

A nice rendered intro featuring Barnstorming.
Title screen
Your very eighties room serves as the game's menu.
You can also earn virtual patches to display.
Selecting a cartridge from the rack.
Pitfall in Disco Mode
Plaque Attack
Pressure Cooker
Private Eye in exciting Motion Blur mode!
River Raid 2 - this is as far as I can get.
River Raid - still an excellent game!
Thwocker - an unreleased game
Beam Rider
The intense ACTION of Bridge
The thrill of Checkers
Commando - I actually made it to the first bridge!
Cosmic Commuter
Dolphin in Cloud Cover mode
Dragster - I always seem to make the car blow up.
Fishing Derby - compete against the CPU and a shark.
Freeway - find out why the chicken crossed the road.
View the game's instruction manual too!
Hero in Whirl Mode
Kabobber - another unreleased game
Keystone Kapers
Moon Sweeper
Pitfall 2