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SEGA press release (February 2005):

    Altered Beast

    Platform: PlayStation2
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Street Date: 25th February 2005
    RRP: £29.99 or equivalent
    Ages: 12+
    Target: Male PS2 owners, 15-25 manga action/adventure gamers
    All PS2 owners 13-30 who are action / adventure gamers. Players: 1


    Players take on the role of a special military operative in a team, sent to a small West Coast town to investigate a deadly genetic outbreak. Quickly the team realise that their mission is a battle for survival as they are hunted by all manner of monster.

    With bullets unable to hold back these unholy beasts, the team are forced to manipulate their own DNA systems in order to survive. Changing into a Werewolf, Dragon, Minotaur and many more, you will take on wave after wave of the mutated genetic monsters. As the line between human restraint and primal instinct blurs, nothing is left but the savage desire to uncover the true nature of the beast.

    Key features

    Morph into more than eight creatures, each with their own combat techniques and skills.

    Manipulate your Genetic DNA system to assign powerful and strategic attributes to each beast

    Graphic CG sequences show the horrific transformations from man to beast.

    Huge 3D areas to explore, each with its own monstrous boss to defeat.

    Uncover clues and follow a twisted tale of genetic experimentation to discover your true origin.

    © SEGA, 2005. SEGA, the SEGA logo and Altered Beast are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199977) on May 16, 2011.
    Unleash the animal within. Ah, what the heck, unleash all eight of them, as Sega's
    shapeshifting monster mash morphs onto PS2.

    Sega gives a new lease of life to a Megadrive classic in Altered Beast, a fast-paced,
    blood-spattered action extravaganza resurrected on PS2. The game's irresistible hook is
    that your character has the power to transform into a scary selection of monstrous and
    mythical beasts, including werewolf, minotaur and Kong-style giant ape.

    You play a powerful but tormented military operative, sent to investigate a genetic mishap
    in a small town on the West Coast of America. What begins as a recon mission quickly
    transforms into an exercise in survival and a quest to discover your true origins, as
    genetically-modified enemies launch themselves towards you with alarming frequency.

    Horror and gore lurk around every corner, with huge environments to explore and
    hideously mutated bosses to contend with. The painful transformations into the various
    creatures are played out in graphic cut sequences so, following the obligatory bit of head
    clutching and screaming, you can watch hair sprout, fangs grow, horns emerge, and
    suchlike before the action kicks in.

    • Become one of eight fearsome monsters, including minotaur, dragon, and werewolf

    • Unleash brutal attacks unique to each creature

    • Collect DNA to upgrade attributes and unlock combos

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Mar 28, 2008.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (Australia):


    As a special military operative you are sent to investigate a deadly genetic outbreak. Haunted by your past you soon discover the line between human restraint and primal instinct will blur until nothing is left but the savage desire to uncover the true nature of the 'Altered Beast'.

    Contributed by Ben K (23931) on Dec 25, 2005.