Altered Beast Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
In addition to the main game, there's enemy info to collect, and boss battles to replay.
If this were a sitcom, this would be the cue for the flatulence joke.
Luke, shortly after "wising fwom his gwave".
Luke discovers his mission papers...
Luke's first confrontation has spontaneously turned him into a werewolf.
Blood! On the screen! It's like you're ACTUALLY THERE. here's a DS and a copy of Brain Training
Mystery lady injected Luke with a tranquilizer, and now he can transform at will.
You need to keep your spirit energy up, otherwise transformations will consume health.
The glowing enemy is a 'gatekeeper' - you need to kill it to progress.
In a nod to the previous games, the werewolf can do the horizontal slash.
Certain enemies give you genes which you can use to increase your combo attacks.
When the werewolf jumps, he does a devastating spin attack.
Being attacked by an onslaught of mutant monsters.
You know it's a great game when you have to spend twenty minutes trying to hit flying enemies!
Uh oh, a deadly looking boss!
This mutant rat has eaten the Merman genome chip and mutated further.
Luke sheds his skin and turns into the Merman.
The Merman attacks underwater with compressed air bubbles.
The light coming through the water indicates that you can turn back to normal in that area.
When you see the icon in the top right, you can change back to Luke.
Later on, you'll gain access to even more transformations.
When turning into the Wendigo, Luke becomes encased in ice.
The Wendigo is huge and can throw ice blocks and blow ice breath.
Another gross transformation, this time into the Garuda.
The Garuda isn't very powerful on land...
But in the air, it can create a giant tornado.
The Garuda can fly above the mist and take shortcuts to other areas.