Anubis II Credits


Developed byData Design Interactive
Dedicated toThe hard working team that pulled together and made this happen ...thanks
Head of ProgrammingKarl White
Lead ProgrammerAdrian Fox
Additional ProgrammingJulian Alden-Salter
Lead ArtistMichael Rooker
AnimationTeoman Irmak, Michael Rooker
Art TeamSam King, Teoman Irmak, Dean Guy
Level DesignChris Bell, Ronald Haupt, Mark Gemmell
QA TestingMark Gemmell, Matt Lee, Cassandra Neal, Ronald Haupt
Audio ProductionPaul Weir, Earcom Ltd.
Publishing thanks toMetro 3D Europe
Chief Operations OfficerChris Allcroft
Special ThanksChristine, Rachael Arnott, Mark James, Hi Jean
Additional ThanksLorraine Hill, Kev Southall, Chris Fox, Noel Keegan, Tom Lawton, Michelle Haupt, Melissa Broadhurst, Mike Harris, David Allmond, Nick Cartwright
ProducerStewart Green
Project ManagerRonald Haupt

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204707)