Written by  :  James Kirk (168)
Written on  :  Sep 02, 2003
Platform  :  PlayStation 2

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Not as good as the original, but worth a look.

The Good

The humor. You'll see puns in the monkey names from the beginning. There are 300 something monkeys, so you will have plenty to do. Old powerups from the original plus some new ones add a nice game experience. The graphics are much better than the original and the controls are intuitive. finally, catching monkeys in a net is just plain fun.

The Bad

The game was bleeping easy. I caught every single monkey in less than 30 hr. of game time, so older gamers may feel cheated.(like i did) The bosses were WWAAAYYYY too easy.(If Specter's helmet makes him so smart, why did I beat him so easily??!!) Some of the powerups were useless. the kind, you use it once in one level and you never use it again. The "secret" gadget was the same as the original, so I was disappointed.*SNIFF* In the game, you can gather coins you can use to buy bonuses. Great, huh?? WRONG!!!!!!!! You will get hundreds of coins, resulting in 45 minutes of unlocking stuff such as "clip art" and "Monkey Fables" (!!!???) In all fairness, you do also get new RC cars and some mini-games, but that's all.

The Bottom Line

If you liked the original, you should rent this. If not, there's not much point in getting it.