Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Part of the introduction sequence
Title screen / main menu
Exploring a forest near the beginning of the game; I found a treasure!
My airship crashed; how will I get back home?
A city; of course there are shops to buy things
Part of the world map
Battle; Aurica prepares some fire magic
Battle results
Inside Auricas cosmosphere
Helping out Claire
Aurica likes to rename the items you create from Grathmelding
We need to craft some lightning magic
The red ring around Aurica means you need to protect her from an incoming attack
One of the in game menus
Talking with Aurica
Complete talk topics to reach new levels of the Reyvateils cosmosphere
Ah ha, I spot a way in to the next dungeon!
You can give Reyvateils commands to sing song magic in battles
Strange characters always drop in unexpected...
Help Aurica unlock her true magic potential
You'll visit some colorful cities like Em Pheyna
What's Misha waiting for?
Battle; a successful counter attack
Selecting a target in battle
You may encounter some strange characters in the cosmosphere
There are a lot of characters to talk to
Misha's world is often dark
Hmm, found something useful?
You can change equipment for each character
We need some powerful healing magic here
That cat with a vacuum is song magic that helps with defense
In Misha's cosmosphere; but which Misha is the real one?
Somehow we need to get past this thing
Climbing the tower; I'm getting near the clouds!
Create new items by grathmelding
We have some dragon trouble!
At an inn you can rest, save the game, etc...
We got here as quick as we could, they are monsters in the way!
Misha's song was stolen from her
The two rings around Aurica means it will take two characters to protect her from the upcoming attack
Just in case I didn't have enough problems I now need to complete some sort of ordeal!
Ah, large creatures attacking!
The longer Aurica sings, the more powerful the fire magic will become