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    Edda, hunter and exorcist, ushers in a new age for the popular RPG series.

    Set five years after Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, this new RPG foray introduces
    Edda, a young lad whose unremarkable youth has till now been confined to a quiet island
    life. Two events are about to change his idyllic world - awakening as an exorcist and
    meeting the mysterious girl Kirika...

    End of Darkness sets in motion a fantastic journey that will see civilisation pitted against
    nature. Growing in power and a sense of duty, Edda will fight to save the weakened

    The real-time battle system adds pace and intensity to the action as players perform
    combos, equip items and cast magic on the fly. This latest iteration features an enhanced
    upgrade and guild system, as well as the return of 24 characters from the long-running
    series made popular in Japan.

    Alongside the detailed story are the options to take your favourite character online in battle
    mode, where up to eight characters can battle it out four-on-four, and cooperative mode, in
    which players explore exclusive online dungeons.

    • Stylish RPG with real-time combat engine

    • Return of 24 popular Arc characters, each with unique weapons and abilities

    • Online battle and cooperative modes, featuring exclusive dungeons

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Mar 07, 2008.