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Worth Playing (Mar 01, 2003)
With the games solid graphics, solid game-play, and great replay value; I give this game the score it deserves, for its tiny kinks and small bugs. It also lacks link play/online play which would allow 2-6 players to play simultaneous like its counter part ATV Off-road 2 and the original ATV. With the games low price of $29.99 I suggest picking it up or at least giving it a rental.
Next Level Gaming (Feb 14, 2003)
The only other thing ATV: Quad Power Racing doesn't have is online play. No Xbox Live, no GameCube modem/broadband. Why? What's going on in the online world that people continue to shy away from it? I thought this was the year? Anyway, that's the only other negative I can put on this game. Otherwise, I would still reccommend it. I think it is as good as ATV Offroad Fury this time around, minus the online play of course. Maybe even a little better. While the graphics are not as good as the other consoles, it's certainly as good as Offroad Fury. And the track designs and easy controls will keep you coming back for more.
ATV Quad Power Racing 2 should please most racing fans out there. If you've played games such as MX2002 then this is pretty much in the same vein with it's combination of freestyle tricks and cut and thrust racing. Some will relish the opportunity to give your opponents a kick during a race but as fun as this can be, the races are hectic enough in their own right if you don't wish to take the violent option.
Roligaste ATV-liret för PlayStation 2 hittills, så länge man inte vill dela glädjen med någon annan. Delad glädje är halverad glädje. Det vet ni väl.
GamePro (US) (Mar 24, 2003)
Don't you hate when someone makes a sequel to a really bad game? You do? Then it's time to quit hating. Climax's latest is light years better than its ugly-as-sin predecessor and is already worthy to compete against Sony's Offroad Fury series. The visuals have taken a gigantic step forward, the tracks are more intelligently designed (but still have stupid obstacles that require rote memorization to avoid), and the controls have gotten the reworking they desperately needed. If you can live without that other game's online support, then this is golden.
GamersMark (Mar 20, 2003)
The sad thing is that that's one of the more tame challenges. Overall, seeing as this is the only ATV game for the XBOX, fans of the genre should at least rent it. You'll probably want to rent it before you buy it, unless you're just hardcore for ATV games. Casual gamers might be attracted to it for no reason, but everyone else probably won't give a damn about it.
GameZone (Feb 18, 2003)
This game features quality graphics and solid game play. There are other racing games that have slightly better looks, or better action/racing adventure, but ATV Quad Power Racing 2 is well done. It just is not the kind of game that will blow racing fans away.
71 (Feb 14, 2003)
Den verkorksten PSone-Vorgänger lässt ATV 2 zum Glück schnell vergessen, aber so richtig überzeugen kann das actionreiche Offroad-Spektakel immer noch nicht. Dazu ist die Steuerung einfach zu unausgereift, die Grafik-Engine zu ruckelanfällig und die Präsentation zu lieblos. Außerdem wirkt die Lokalisierung schlampig sowie Schwierigkeitsgrad und Streckendesign zu unausgewogen. Nichtsdestotrotz macht es aber dennoch Spaß, von treibenden Beats begleitet allein oder zu zweit über die abwechslungsreichen Pisten zu brettern, unliebsame Kontrahenten vom Quad zu treten und halsbrecherische Trickkombos vom Stapel zu lassen. Dazu müssen aber erst einmal zahlreiche Tricks, Strecken und Fahrzeuge freigeschaltet werden, was sich als recht frustrierend erweisen kann. Wartet daher lieber auf ATV Offroad Fury 2 oder vergnügt Euch mit dessen mittlerweile etwas angestaubten, aber nach wie vor spielenswerteren Vorgänger, wenn Ihr unbedingt ein Quad-Spiel braucht.
70 (UK) (Feb 21, 2003)
Fundamentally QPR2 is a good, competent racer with SSX tendencies which don't quite work in the same way. Nobody's going to be too disappointed with it. It's a pretty playable quad bike game with a good handle on what's important and offers a successful blend of Road Rash/Excitebike type ideas - the only problems are unresponsive tricks and a lack of imagination. And the fact that the reportedly much better Offroad Fury 2 with online support is due in just a few months.
Not the greatest looking game ever, at least the environments will keep you interested and there is always something new around every turn. The framerate is smooth for most of the game and the draw distance lets you see far down the track; it's especially noticeable when you reach open areas. The vehicles look great and display some nice reflective lighting effects. The riders are crude looking and suffer from marionette-motion syndrome. The tunes are hard rocking but at only seven tracks you're going to grow very tired of them.
Game Chronicles (Feb 13, 2003)
The funny thing about ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 is that I had this game on my radar for almost all of last year. It was supposed to release in the summer and kept getting pushed and pushed, and just when I had given up it suddenly tried to slip in alongside Sony’s 4x4 racer. I could make a fancy checklist breaking down all the pro’s and con’s of this game and its competition, but the plain and simple truth is that while QPR2 is a fun game, there is another game out there that does everything this game does, does it better, and does more of it. QPR2 is just too little too late.
Gaming Target (Feb 18, 2003)
It’s almost become a rule that an extreme sports game supports a solid, rock or punk-style soundtrack. ATV2 followed in the many footsteps taken before it and provides a nice musical collection of primarily rock songs. For the most part the music compliments the levels and racing, but you start to recognize how many songs there really are, or rather the absence of considering there’s only seven licensed tracks. As far as sound effects go, ATV2 furnishes exactly what you might expect, nothing more and nothing less. Once again, the game borders average without offering something to truly boast about.
IGN (Jan 28, 2003)
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 is to ATV Offroad Fury 2, as peas and carrots are to filet of Wild Virginia Bass with melted Savoy cabbage and Spanish caper emulsion. They're both foods that will feed and nourish you, but one is obviously more refined and sophisticated, offering up a more diverse palette of flavors and textures.
65 (Feb 13, 2003)
Le jeu manque clairement d'ambition pour vraiment passionner. Si on s'amuse au début, le titre devient finalement assez rasoir sur la durée. Dommage, car en offrant plus de circuits, plus de défis on tenait là un meilleur titre. Etant donné que les jeux de quads ne courent pas les rues, vous pouvez toujours tenter l'expérience si vous aimez le genre.
This game is the best ATV game out right now, but still a mediocre title in general. It offers some unique additions to plain jane racing, but seems to have been shoved off the line a few weeks too early. The control and boost/trick systems scream for some tweaking. If you like ATV racing games, this is certainly worth picking up, if you don’t care for ATVs any more than cars, stick to car games.
The Next Level (Mar 26, 2003)
In the end, Quad Power 2 is an admirable effort by Acclaim, but the fact that it just doesn't stand out in any fashion really puts a damper on most of the good things it has going, and the fact that most of those things have already been done better in many other games, makes this a hard game to sell.If you're a big racing fan or a big ATV fan and have already had your fill of ATV Offroad 1 and 2, then Quad Power 2 may be worth a look on the cheap, but it's probably best as a rental.