Beyond Atlantis II Credits


Original ConceptJean-Martial Lefranc, Philippe Ulrich
Production ManagerEric Mallet
PS2 Project ManagerMajdi Kraiem
Lead Porting ProgrammerFrédéric Nespoulous
PS2 Low‑Level ProgrammerPierre-Eric Loriaux
Additional ProgrammingEric Gâchons, Michel Janecki
3D ArtistOlivier Béchard, Pascal Garro
QA ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
Project ManagerOlivier Train
Concept, Scenario, Scripts, Dialogues and AdaptationJohan K. Robson
Lead ProgrammingAlessandro Di Meco, Laurent Soudrie
ProgrammingJérôme Bignon, Guillaume Mirey
Artisitic DirectionClaudine Roussard Vignes, Olivier Train
Lead DesignerFrédérick Pinasseau
Additional DesignsJohn Mac Cambridge, Philippe Verner
StoryboardsNicolas Hess
Lead Graphist Characters & Special EffectsAlexandre Litchinko
Lead Graphist Backgrounds & AnimationsFranck Sitbon, Sohor Ty
3D Modeling & AnimationsOlivier Béchard, Thierry Carado, Lakov Cassety, Jerome Denjean, Pascal Garro, Jean Christophe Josroland
Dialogs CinematicsFranck Sitbon, Sohor Ty, Mathieu Van Eeckhout
Sounds EffectsJean-Baptiste Merland
Technical Expert "Engine Adventure Game"Éric Safar
ProducerRob Bozas, Stéphane Ressot
License ManagerFrançois Breuillier
Original Music Composer & PerformerDavid Rhodes
Sound Design Project ManagerOlivier Couton
Sound DesignersPascal Busolin, François Familiari, Sébastien Gaillard, Jean-Baptiste Merland, Raphaël Monier, Nicolas Teplitzky
Pictures of Chiara MastroianniThierry Cohen
Make‑UpLise Anne
English VoicesPaul Bandey, David Gasman, Matthew Geczy, Lisa Jacobs, Chiara Mastroianni, Nicholas Mead, Karen Strassman
Voice Recording DirectorJohan K. Robson
Sound DesignerJean Pascal Audiffren
Technical DirectionOlivier Carado, Bruno Galet, Benoît Hozjan, Philippe Lamoureux, Olivier Nemoz, Stéphane Petit
Testing ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
PlaytestingOlivier Bailly, Laurent Faroux, Jean Claude Fernandes, Zoé Fuger, Frédérick Gaudel, Regis Lenoir, Hugues Miraux, Sylvain Poully
Localisation ManagerFrédérique Faucher
Localisation AssistantsPascal Merckhoffer, Christophe Nguyen
Business Development ManagerAlain Briand
Area Export ManagersGhislain Pagès, Philippe Rickenberger
Export AssistantsJana Dal Zotto Boff, Claire Delalande
France Commercial ManagerGilles Depaigne
Commercial Coordination ManagerFrédérique Barkoff
Commercial AssistantMélina Karamoh
Processing & Purchasing Dept.Sidi Benlarbi, Carine Lapouméroulie, Bastien Lepetit, Vanessa Malatesta, Laurence Nouaihler, Fabien Tanguis
Marketing DirectorMichel Mimran
Brand ManagerWilfrid Vinmer
Brand Manager AssistantNolwen Jamont
Marketing Art DirectorsJosé Fouzar-Alcala, Odile Mousseau
Press RelationsMelissa Conte

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Credits for this game were contributed by imrahill (48)