Beyond Good & Evil Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title/Main Menu
Adjusting the game options.
Hey, looks like the people of Hillys are catching official croatian channel, HTV.
Enjoying the peaceful view... but for how long?
Introducing Jade.
Jade incinerating one of the DomZ with her flame stick.
Caught by the DomZ.
Prepping for the power shot.
Jade's very first boss battle, and it starts as quickly as the game opening.
A common dialogue screen.
Pearls are collectibles that will allow you to buy parts for your hovercraft and/or spaceship.
Interviewing the survivors of the DomZ attack..
Edmundo is your digital pal that will analyze all kinda things you collect along the way.
Jade lives with orphan kids inside the lighthouse on a small island.
Each new object will get analyzed and described its usage and/or purpose.
Sometimes the truth is the most powerful weapon, and Jade's gladly aiming at one.
You'll need money to buy items, and getting photos of various species might just have the right buyer.
Money is good for buying items, but vehicle parts can only be bought with pearls.
Getting your first job will be to got and take a photo of a dangerous alien creature.
Checking out the map and your mission objectives.
Heading towards Mammago garage with a hovercraft.
One of the Mamago's boys giving you the free ride to their repair shop.
Checking out display for some engine parts at Mammago.
As you progress, your health bar will increase, but you have to take care of your sidekick and give him some food for healing during battles.
Your always trusty Woof.
Disc reader is the only place to read messages as well as to save a game.
Chased down by the military.
Racing over the rooftops is one of the most dynamic scenes in the game.
Akuda bar, a place where secret rebel hideout lies.
Inventory and game menu screen.