Black Market Bowling Credits


ProducersPat Sarell, Rohan Westbury
Game DesignerRohan Westbury
Lead ProgrammerScott Ashton
ProgrammersYossi Landesman, Chris Naylor, Sean O'Sullivan
ArtistsGabe Fekete, Adam Moder, David Morrissey, Conor O'Kane, Diem Tao, John Zheng, Stephen Schulze
AnimatorsEmma Kelly, Gabe Fekete
TestingPeter Burns, Ben Kosmina, Peter Simpson
Sound EffectsRowlands Productions
Chief Technical OfficerAndrew Bailey
Art DirectorAlister Lockhart
Studio ManagerArthur Kakouris
Systems ManagerTrevor Nuridin
Chief Executive OfficerTom Crago
Special ThanksJohn Szoke, Matthew Hall, Angela Hone, Stash Richards
Sound ByRowlands Productions
Sound EngineerMatt Bauer (
MusicNiko Schauble (, Stovetop,, Pornland,, 15 Degrees Further,, Human Automation,, Tomtron and Liesegang, Domo Records: A&R Nadi Nahimoff,, Defolder, Domo Records: A&R Nadi Nahimoff,, Scott R. Griffiths ([email protected]), Orange Dust,, B.L.T & Danni Makov,, Anna Hefetz ([email protected]), Acreil,

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23935)