Written by  :  Matthew Bailey (1280)
Written on  :  Jun 24, 2001

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One of the biggest disappointments in the history of videogames!

The Good

This game has some of the most gorgeous graphics to ever grace the computer/TV screen and is a bit of retro action.

The Bad

Cast your minds back to when the PS2 was originally announced and you first saw movies of the bouncer. Remember matrix style attacks? remember crashing through tables. Remember falling through broken barriers to the floor below. This looked like it was gonna be a fighting gamer's dream. But somewhere between then and now everything when terribly wrong. This is the most linear scrolling fight-em up. Even final fight and streets of rage were more than this. You can in no way pickup any weapons or interact in any way at all with the world around you making this soooo boring. You simply punch and kick and that really is about it. It is section after section of repetitive button pressing linked by about 9 cut scenes

The Bottom Line

This looked amazing but was the biggest disappointment in recent times. Square...........shame on you