Bujingai: The Forsaken City Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The game doesn't even start for real and you're immediately propelled into action
You can use magic attack when enemy is further away
Combo moves are automatic and you can see the current number of a strike in red
Finishing strike and bounding enemy onto the wall
Fighting much bigger enemies is tougher, but they move slower
After exact time period, the brief testing gameplay replays and you see how you played plus company logos, game title and introducing characters
Main Title/Main Menu
Options screen
True opening game cinematic, and no this is no comet, it's the main protagonist coming to Earth
Main protagonist, Lau, modeled after Gackt
Sparring with your master
There are eight different training tutorials if you don't feel ready to embark on the game journey yet
Tutorials are self-explanatory, you don't get to play them and try moves there, they show you what to do and how
Flying swing leaves a long vertical sword trace
Looks you need to take out some more monsters before this gates unlock
You can glide through the air when jumping high enough
Circling spin towards the enemy target
Collecting some items may be required in order to proceed further ahead
Break barrels to find more spheres
Tornado spin is good to hit multiple enemies when surrounded, but is not strong enough to kill them
Trying to nail the enemy to the floor with a powerful combo, striking a death blow
Each defeated enemy will leave glowing orbs for you to collect
In case it wasn't clear, you wield two swords as you can see by two different traces cutting through the air
If you ever get lost or wanna see if some enemy's behind your back, you can turn on the radar view (blue circle slightly above the screen center)
Unlike majority of other games, you can run on the walls infinitely