Written by  :  Melody (119)
Written on  :  Jul 13, 2007
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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The Good

The gameplay. You can do almost anything you like. Really. Like in real life. You go to lessons, hit people, steal bicycles, change clothes, take pictures, do the story missions...

There are so many different kinds of weapons. For example slingshot with zooming. Or funny guns. There is one mission in which you use something like a mounted machine gun!

The game is sometimes very funny. If you are caught by teachers or policemen, you can kick them... you know where.

The missions are all so different! One time you'll have to sneak to steal things. Another time you'll have to aim and shoot with different weapons. In one mission, you climb on a tree and try to prevent kids from annoying two teachers on a date. And there are so many mini-games! Some missions are built like mini-games; but there are also so many games you can play outside of the missions!

In the world of "Bully", you can interact with what you like. Climb and hang on trees. Walk on narrow ledges. You can talk to all the people in "good" and "bad" ways. You can also hit anyone you want. Teachers and police will come after you. There are many houses, and some of them can become yours.

And this game can be played by younger people. There is no blood, no killing. And it happens in a high school. This is a very interesting setting. They really made it very real. There are so many typical characters and situations for high school.

Because there is so much variety, and every time things to do, the game is never boring. Never. It's great fun from beginning to the end.

The Bad

It's not comfortable to play it on PS2. You aim with the analog sticks, and it's much easier to do it with a mouse. Unfortunately, there is no PC version. I hope they will port it to PC!

The Bottom Line

It's fun, it's interesting, it's cute, it's unlike anything that was done before. The high school setting is unusual and charming. It's a great game.