Cabela's African Safari Credits

Activision Value Publishing

General ManagerDavid Oxford
Vice President of StudiosPatrick J. Kelly
Vice President of SalesTim Flaherty
Vice President of MarketingMark Meadows
Vice President of Creative ServicesMark Meadows
LegalJoe Hedges
ProducersRachel Bongaarts, Jessyca Duerr
Director of Product DevelopmentChip Pedersen
Manager of Creative Direction and DesignCarlos Martin

Activision Value Publishing: Quality Assurance

Technology ManagerChris Arends
Manager of Quality AssuranceJason Lembcke
Supervisor of Quality AssuranceRasheem Harris
QA TeamMatt Reese, Jeremy Huiseere, Dean Fingerholz, Paul Ference, Madison Meahyen, Brian Kuyath, Thanuvong Na Yang, Jeremy Andresen, Kyle Kleven, Justin Westplate, Adam Rogers, Stephen Crayton, Andy Owen, Nate Tyley, Brandon Gingerich, Tim Herzog, Par Widlund, Dan Gniady, Jordan Jaap, John Hart, Doua Xiong, Justin Christensen
TRG QA ManagerChad Schilling
TRG LeadJonathan Pho
Technical Requirements GroupMatt McCullough, Steve Myers

Activision Value Publishing: Sales

Sales DirectorJennifer Mirabelli Johnson
Regional Sales DirectorJim Holland
Director Bus. DevelopmentBrian Johnson
Sales/Marketing CoordinatorRobbin Livernois
Sales AssistantBrynja Bjarnason

Activision Value Publishing: Marketing and Creative Services

Senior Graphic ArtistTrevor Harveaux
Graphic ArtistSean James
Marketing Communications AssociateNicole Lindstrom

Activision Value Publishing: Licensing

Senior Brand and Licensing ManagerAndy Koehler
Brand ManagerJeff Muench
Trade DirectorJeff Muench

Activision Value Publishing: Operations

Director of Operations and PlanningMike Groshens
Information Systems AdministratorBob Viau
Voice TalentTerrence C. Carson, Sekou Campbell, Mark Klastorin

Activision Value Publishing: Additional Thanks

Additional ThanksAnn Beggs, Jan Marek, Mike Dalton, Kurt Niederloh, Chris Owen, Janet Paulsen, Mike Roska, Aaron M. Thompson, Steve Williams, Donna Johnston, Andy Spohn, Randy Randall, Hamsterball, Laura Ford, Amanda Cinfio, Saul Villegas, Brian Silva, Mike Foster, Mark Vitello, Mark Rose, Jeremy Jones, Randy Beverly

Sand Grain Studios

Project ManagerEmil Anghel
Game DesignerBogdan Hoisescu
Lead ProgrammerCristian Cutocheras
ProgrammingAndrei Florin Streche, Seida Emin, Radu Robu, Bogdan Dinulica, Eugen Gabriel Ion, Nelu Cristian Tone
Mission ScriptingTeodor Ion Popărescu
Additional ScriptingTeodor Ion Popărescu
Lead Level DesignLucian Catalin Puscas
Level DesignTeodor Ion Popărescu, Cristian Cercel, Octavian Emil Petre, Nicolae Aldea, Oana Madalina Coros
Lead 3D ArtistBogdan Matără
3D ArtistsAndrei Moise, Oana Bucur, Daniela Cândroveanu, Alex Bratosin, Ioana Maria Catarig, Ovidiu Chihaia
Lead 2D ArtistBrindusa Dumitrescu-Delion
2D ArtistDaria Popescu
FX ArtistBogdan Matără

Sand Grain Studios: Game Engine Team

Lead Engine ProgrammerDaniel Delion
Senior Engine ProgrammersCodrut Angelescu, Dragos Avramescu, Cosmin Sulea, Alexandru Simion, Ionuț Tudor, Stelian Nicolae, Constantin Tudor, Cristian Paun
Engine ToolsCristina Maria Simion, Ciprian Poneo, Andrei Drexler
Production ManagerPatrick Moraras

Sand Grain Studios: Technical Support

Technical ManagerGeorge Batog
Senior Level DesignerMihai Irimescu
Senior 3D Animators and ModelersCarmen Tanase, Mihai Preda
Art DirectorTudor Popa
Senior FX ArtistDragos Stanculescu
Senior ProgrammerRoxana Sin
Music and Sound EffectsIonut Deliu, Mihai Dumbraveanu
System AdministratorCostin Barzon
Network AdministratorStefan Radulescu
ThanksThanks to our families and friends for their support throughout the project...

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Credits for this game were contributed by coenak (3608)