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The Video Game Critic (Jan 05, 2007)
Capcom Classics Volume 2 has plenty of bonuses to unlock, an auto-save mechanism, and each game is fully configurable. Just be sure to turn off that bogus "infinite continue" option (it's on by default). No question about it, this is a lot of gaming action for your money.
Deaf Gamers (May 25, 2007)
Those who like to collect these games of yesteryear collections should definitely make sure to add Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 to their library. The quality of the games on the whole is good even though some of the games on offer here aren't that well known. They have been presented in a pleasant fashion with clean menus and support for progressive scan. Support for four-player gaming and the addition of bonuses for each game is also very welcome. At the fairly low asking price of £14.99, Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 is excellent value for money and will be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in games from the arcade's golden age.
78 (Apr 18, 2007)
Na Capcom, werden wir langsam ein bisschen faul? Oder gehen uns die Arcade-Klassiker aus? Denn Volume 2 riecht ein bisschen sehr nach schnellem Recycling: Gerade mal ein neues Game, der Rest ausschließlich PSP-Umsetzungen klingt ein bisschen nach Arbeitsverweigerung. Aber hey, auf der PS2 gab es Perlen wie Cpt. Commando, Strider oder Three Wonders bislang nicht, außerdem vereint die neue CCC die Vorteile der PSP-Kollektionen in sich - da wollen wir mal nicht so sein. Nach wie vor zeigt Capcom sehr deutlich, wie eine gut designte Retro-Sammlung auszusehen hat: Kein einfaches Zusammenklatschen alter Titel, sondern eine liebevolle Aufbereitung von Klassikern, garniert mit Hintergrundinfos, viel freispielbarem Material und einer Top-Emulation - so will das der Retro-Freak!
Still, twenty bucks for this much content is difficult to sneeze at. In addition to the twenty games there is unlockable bonus content for every title, including artwork and history about the games. And, with twenty games to choose from, there’s bound to be a little something for everyone on this puppy. Some of these are titles you’d no doubt be willing to download at five to eight bucks each from Xbox Live arcade or the Wii’s Virtual Console, so why not get ‘em all at once for a measly dollar each? It’s not something you can’t live without, but CCC Vol. 2 is worth a look from anyone who remembers the glory days of the arcades and is interested in seeing the games that led Capcom to where they are today.
76 (Nov 29, 2006)
Capcom’s best and worst are on display here, with tons of bugs and great unlockable content. You can take it or leave it, but this isn’t just a simple compilation of classic games. This game is a monument to Capcom’s past and you can tell they are proud of all the games that got them to this point. If you are a Capcom fanatic, an arcade fanatic, or just someone interested in unearthing a little bit of video game history, Capcom Classics Collection vol. 2 has more than enough features and is worth picking up.
GameSpot (Dec 11, 2006)
Of course, this collection isn't for everyone. Many of these games work only on a nostalgic level--if you were to pick up and start playing something like Captain Commando for the first time in 2006, you'd rightly realize that it was just a less-interesting take on what Capcom did with Final Fight. Also, this collection is shorter on hits than some of Capcom's other compilations. So unless you were spending a significant amount of time in arcades throughout the '80s and '90s, you might not have even known that some of these games existed. But if you're interested in these sorts of retro compilations, Capcom's second installment in the series is a solid choice, thanks to its interesting extras and quality emulation.
PlayFrance (Apr 16, 2007)
En proposant une vingtaine de jeux parmi lesquels figurent certains des meilleurs titres vus sur les compilations PSP de Capcom, l'éditeur offre aux amateurs de retro-gaming une sélection variée et de qualité. On apprécie à leur juste valeur la profusion d'éléments à débloquer et les temps de chargement bien moins irritants que sur portable.
70 (UK) (May 19, 2007)
While I can understand the financial reasoning behind milking the Capcom back catalogue for two volumes, as a fan I'd much rather have had one all killer, no filler compilation with Street Fighter II, Ghost 'n Goblins, Commando, 1941 and Strider all in one place.
70 (Mar 21, 2007)
Of je deze Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2. moet kopen hangt af van je affiniteit met de spelletjes die zich in deze collectie bevinden. Heb je nostalgische gevoelens bij pakweg de een kwart van de games, dan staat je een erg verzorgde collectie te wachten met degelijke conversies, uitgebreide instelmogelijkheden en genoeg extras. En dat voor een uiterst zacht prijsje van naar verwachting 20 euro. We hebben wel eens meer betaald voor alléén Street Fighter.
Games Master (Mar, 2007)
Despite its high points, the pack ends up feeling slightly weak: there's simply too much here that's bland and derivative, and the high points don't quite seem to make up for it, nice as they undoubtedly are.
Level 7 (Jun 07, 2007)
Den förra Capcom-samlingen hade jag mycket kul med. En rejäl samling av Capcoms mest intressanta titlar. Men volym nummer två består inte av samma gedigna material. Det är betydligt färre ”bra” spel och många av klassikerna består av själslösa actiontitlar från 80-talet. Men Capcom har haft den goda smaken att inkludera excellenta konverteringar av Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Magic Sword, Strider och The King of Dragons som väger upp de andra mediokra spelen. Rycker det extra mycket i nostalginerven och om ligger klassiska pixeläventyr dig varmt om hjärtat så är Capcoms andra klassiska samling helt klart värd de 200 kronor det kostar. Dessutom fungerar spelet utmärkt på Playstation 3.
55 (May 21, 2007)
Le cas des collections est toujours épineux. Si on se penche sur les jeux en eux-mêmes, les nostalgiques ou les curieux trouveront de bons titres mais pas suffisamment d'enrobage, de bonus, d'options et surtout un sentiment certain de se faire prendre pour une vache à lait, 21 titres sur un DVD ? Soyons sérieux Capcom, sortez une compilation par an et non deux, mais une vraie, remplie.
A l'heure où il est possible de télécharger des vieux jeux sur Wii où la PSP sert d'émulateur PlayStation, Capcom ressort lui ses anciens titres arcade dans une compilation de vingt jeux. Les nostalgiques des bornes d'arcade y trouveront sans doute leur compte mais l'overdose commence sérieusement à se faire sentir. Et si les développeurs commençaient réellement à plancher sur le jeu vidéo next-gen ?