CART Fury: Championship Racing Credits

C.A.R.T. Fury™ Midway Chicago Team

Project LeadMatthew V. Booty
Lead ProgrammerJoel Seider
Lead ArtistMike Ossian
Art and DesignKatie Diebold, Charles Ernst, Rich Markese, Andy Konieczny, Ryan Rosenburg, Robert Clarke
Music and SoundDan Forden
Mechanical EngineeringBob Friesl
TestersBrian LeBaron, Paulo Garcia
Cabinet GraphicsNick Ehrlich
Special ThanksJohn Podlasek

Gratuitous Games Team

ProgrammersChip Burwell, Sean Houghton, Kirit Nagda, Brandon LaCava, Jeremy Weiner, J. P. Spane, Josh Barth
ArtistsMr. E, Greg Miller, Erik Gist, John Baez, Sarah Houston, Matthew Lorentz

Midway Home Entertainment - San Diego

ProducerMichael Gottlieb
Associate ProducerAndy Kaffka
Assistant ProducersJeff Greenhut, Aaron Orsak
Print Design and ProductionMidway Creative Services, San Diego
VP, MarketingHelene Sheeler
Director, Sports MarketingMichael Lustenberger
Product ManagerChrista Wittenberg
Testing ManagerHans Lo
Testing SupervisorEric Narvaez
Lead TesterRaymond Veerkamp
Technical Standards AnalystsMatt Kaplan, Zak McClendon, Josh Stacy, Ronald Salleza, Adrian CastaƱeda
TestersAndrew Nguyen, Peter Briones, Jason Jorgensen, Jeff Marcus, Adam Jones, Jim McClure, Seher Basak, Ricky M. Waibel
Special ThanksRoger Sharpe, Nicole Claps, Don Knapp, Debi Ray, Ron Richards, Deb Schneider, Scott McClure, Lucy Primo, Dean Running, Jonathan Frank, Kim Wolff, Don Helms, Elisa Mathez, Harry Kinney, Ben Rubright
Dutch localizationLocalsoft
French localizationLocalsoft
German localizationLocalsoft
Italian localizationLocalsoft
Spanish localizationLocalsoft

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Credits for this game were contributed by Randall Mage (120) and Michael Pelensky (441)