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It's good to know the NFL Blitz Cheerleaders have found a home in the offseason… Actually, CART does a great job of mixing extremes and racing fundamentals at super high speeds. Crashes are awesome spectacles of spinning car chunks and the environments are chock full of sights. Either way, there's always something exciting going on. Minigames add a little replay to your season, but I also suggest changing the difficulty if it's too easy. GO, GO, GO!!!
80 (Sep 28, 2001)
Midway beweist mit Cart Fury eindrucksvoll, dass die Rückbesinnung auf ein simples Spielprinzip durchaus Erfolg haben kann. Ohne viel Schnickschnack kommt es bei der Cart-Raserei nur auf eines an: Spaß. Und den hat man. Egal, ob zu zweit oder alleine (zu zweit natürlich mehr); egal ob mit den normalen Spielmodi oder den Mini-Games. Angetrieben von einer in Detailfragen sicherlich verbesserungswürdigen, aber höllisch schnellen Grafik-Engine ist Cart Fury immer wieder für eine kleine Spielesitzung gut - Simulationsfans sollten allerdings einen weiten Bogen um dieses Spiel machen. Wer kurze, schnelle und unkomplizierte Rennen mit massenhaft Crashs mag, hat vorerst ausgesorgt: Cart Fury übernimmt die Pole Position der Arcade-Racer.
PSM (Aug, 2001)
CART Fury is ultimately a textbook example of a shallow arcade game, but with enough personality, polish and sub-games (such as a cool demolition mode) to make it work. Serious simulation buffs definitely needn't apply, but if you're after an above-average thrill ride and enjoyed the likes of Rumble Racing, it's well worth a spin.
Game Chronicles (Aug 05, 2001)
CART Fury: Championship Racing might pale in comparison to other recently released racing games, but it more than accomplishes what it sets out to do - bring the intense arcade racing experience into your home. The racing is simple yet fun, and the official licensing brings all your favorite drivers and tracks into your living room for countless hours of racing action.
GamePro (US) (Jul 27, 2001)
The announcers sound a bit plastic, and the rap/rock main theme gets annoying fast. Control, however, is enjoyably tight?you truly feel like you?re in command of this thundering machine, hugging the track. That immersive, macho feeling makes the otherwise just-okay CART Fury worth at least a rent.
Also, the physics (or lack thereof) give you the feeling that you’re turning the track instead of your car, much like those old SNES Mode 7 racers. I did like some of the minigame modes like Last Man Standing and Demolition, but overall there wasn’t enough there to keep my interest. Did I have fun while I was playing CART Fury? Certainly. Will I ever have the desire to play it again? Probably not.
GamePro (SE) (Sep, 2001)
På det hela taget är CART Fury ett helt ok spel. Inte särskilt finessrikt, men med en skön och rak fartkänsla.
60 (Aug 29, 2001)
Cart Fury Racing Championship est un jeu qui vaut uniquement pour le caractère spectaculaire de ses courses. Le design très simple des différents circuits ne requiert aucune technique de pilotage, ce qui rend les courses monotones et répétitives. Un jeu à conseiller aux seuls fans de la discipline.
GameSpot (Jun 12, 2001)
CART Fury has its strong points, but its flaws heavily outweigh them. Good AI is essential to any game, especially racing games, and CART Fury simply fails in this area. With the game's bad AI, out-of-place music, and long load times, CART Fury causes a lot of unnecessary frustration. Fans of Midway's Rush and Thunder games might want to give CART Fury a whirl, but everyone else should keep his or her guard up.
Gamezone (Germany) (Sep 19, 2001)
Schade, zwar viel Action und Unmengen an herumfliegendem Blech aber nicht wirklich ausgereift. Die Grafik ist nicht wirklich spektakulär und der Motorensound fast eine Frechheit. Außer unglaublichen Karambolagen und netten Boost-Einlagen bietet dieser Arkade-Renner nicht sonderlich viel. Wer aber die technische Qualität außer Acht läst und einfach nur Action sucht, kann sich diesen Titel ja mal genauer ansehen. Fazit: Hätte besser werden können.
54 (Aug 09, 2001)
In summary CART Fury Championship Racing isn't exactly a bad game, it will just be a massive disappointment to anyone who buys it. The relative ease, the pathetic music and sound effects, the average graphics and just the lack of polish combine to make this a very sub-par Playstation 2 game. Fortunately, Midway's other titles look like a lot more promising then this. This is a definite rent before purchasing.
Gaming Age (Mar 05, 2002)
If you couldn't already tell, I didn?t like C.A.R.T Fury much. Midway has produced some high quality products over the past year and they are slated to come out with over 40 games for various consoles this year and next. I hope they get their act together and produce better products than C.A.R.T. Fury. Do yourself a favor and pass this one up at all costs.