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PlayStation 2 version

Talking with another car
Driving around town
Should you do the sidequest? Hint: If you say no, you can just come back and do it some other time :)
One of many, many, many minigames. And like most of the minigames, pretty damn fun.
A Blair Witch parody in the haunted house
Barat, your best friend and racing rival
Shot from the replay. During the race, some racers will talk to you as you pass them / get passed by them.
If you win in a Grand Prix, you get your picture in the paper
Through a jungle environment. The variety of courses in the game is staggering.
When you place first in a specific race for the first time, you'll unlock a new body style.
In game information screen where you can quickly access your race calender (see what's going on in that month), check your stats, read the paper, kill time, and read the mail that you've been getting
Shot of "The Game of Life" racing through a castle. With the large array of parts available to customize your ChoroQ, it's sometimes easy to get out of hand. For instance, I felt the need to install a
Racing through a track in the sky