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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Overall User Score (6 votes) 4.4

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Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 19, 2005)
Tillkommer gör suveränt designade banor som sträcker sig från det grusiga Australien till Sveriges snötäckta vidder, samtliga innehållande några av de bästa miljöeffekter jag någonsin skådat. Kvällssolens varmröda strålar som bitvis bländar mig, regnet i England som slår oerhört realistiskt mot vindrutan eller varför inte snön som samlas runt vindrutetorkarna. Allt är perfekt, helt perfekt. Detta är världens bästa rallyspel och något som ingen fullt frisk människa får missa, ingen.
Colin McRae Rally 3 sees the series become a serious simulation and yet it still retains it's excellent gameplay. Some people might be upset at the withdrawal of the arcade mode and the ability to decide what parts of the car are repaired etc. but at the end of the day Colin McRae Rally 3 sees the series becoming more realistic and these features shouldn't really feature in such a game.
Next Level Gaming (Apr 28, 2003)
Ok, i must admit, I have been playing this game for a long time now. Colin McRae Rally 3has been out on the Xbox for sometime now, and I have logged all KINDS of time on it. However, now it's out for the Playstation 2, and it is time to bring it up again for those that have missed the beauty.
Länge, länge övervägde jag att ge spelet "endast" en åtta i betyg. Kartläsarens sällsynta men allvarliga misstag tillsammans med bristen på vibrationer i handkontrollen gör att jag fortfatande tycker att det första Colin McRae Rally är bäst. Men den hejdlösa fartkänslan och den näst intill perfekta kontrollen går inte att bortse ifrån. När man är mitt inne i det perfekta åket så faller man som i trans. Det är då man förstår hur nära det perfekta rallyspelet det här är - trots en del problem.
games xtreme (Nov 14, 2002)
CMR3 is fantastic and i feel ill be playing it for a long time. This is the best driving game of recent times.
90 (Nov 27, 2002)
Has this game moved on from Colin McRae 2? Not substantially, but why mess with something that ain't broke, and this seems to be the philosophy of Codemasters who have just tweaked the championship mode and added some bonus features to give extra motivation for completing this game. Will it manage to beat WRC? It is going to take a hell of a lot to get near this game and Colin McRae is rapidly monopolising the rally genre. Keep up the good work Codemasters, remember folks, if this got any more addictive then they'd just have to throw away the key to my cell.
90 (Dec 12, 2002)
On the PlayStation (PSone) there were many, many, rally games, but one series stood out; the Colin McRae Rally series from Codemasters. Colin McRae Rally and Colin McRae Rally 2.0 led the genre, and their only real competition came from the V-Rally series. Now on the PlayStation 2 we also already have a load of rally games, but only V-Rally 3 as stood out as something worth playing. That is until now, as Colin McRae Rally 3 arrives on the PS2.
GamePro (US) (Apr 22, 2003)
The feel of the driving is what earned the McRae series its reputation, and the controls remain impeccable in this PS2 edition. When cars handle with such crisp responsiveness, you don?t have to be a rally fan in the slightest to appreciate why this is such an exciting ride. The graphics and sounds transition smoothly from the Xbox, which still has the overall edge in the looks department. But these PS2 visuals are still plenty impressive, particularly the awesome damage modeling, lighting, and particle effects. The audio continues to be a bit on the quiet side as the action is paced only by the whine of engines and your co-driver?s helpful but dry navigation advice.
89 (Dec 18, 2002)
Overall Colin McRae Rally 3 is a great title. The graphics are still a little bland compared to the more photo realistic style of Sony's WRC II Extreme, and there is the odd bit of slowdown, but apart from that this is a great title. Even without an official license this game gives the impression of real locations very well and with well over 50 stages to compete in this isn't a game you'll breeze through. Racing game fans should have a look at this very polished effort.
IGN (Apr 17, 2003)
There are few greater sensations than pure, unadulterated speed. Whether it's by skiing downhill, flying in a jet plane, or by pressing your foot down on the acceleration pedal of a powerful rally car, the experience of traveling fast is downright irresistible. I like my speed, and I like it dirty, which is why rally racing appeals so much to me. And someday that might be my downfall. The worldwide sport of rally racing has never, and may never, fully bloom in the US, but until then it appears publishers are perpetually willing to haul their great rally efforts over from the UK for the few US fans who simply can't get enough of this extremely explosive, dangerous and incredibly dynamic sport. I consider myself lucky.
GameZone (Apr 26, 2003)
Unfortunately rally racing hasn’t reached popular heights here in the United States like it is in Europe. Fortunately for us, though, games like Rally Fusion and the Colin McRae Rally series are giving us a taste of what it’s like to be behind the wheel in one of these intense, dirt-kicking races. After all, who doesn’t want to speed across some dusty path in the dry yet gorgeous Australian outback? If this sounds like your cup of tea, Colin McRae Rally 3 will more than quench your thirst for some serious rally racing action.
Although the game's career mode is a little dry (compared to V-Rally 3) and the damage is forgiving, Colin McRae Rally 3 contains some stunning graphics and is a powerful, mesmerizing experience.
Gaming Target (Apr 28, 2003)
Despite the relative lack of popularity for the sport of rally racing in America, game companies continue to release them into the market. It essentially started with the arcade classic Sega Rally Championship, and since then publishers have tried their hands multiple times to deliver great rally games, despite anemic sales. The amazing thing is, almost every rally game has ended up being spectacular or just a lot of fun to play.
86 (Nov 19, 2002)
Während sich Colin McRae auf Microsofts Xbox ein spannendes Kopf an Kopf Rennen mit Rallysport Challenge liefert, kann es sich auf Sonys Playstation entspannt auf das Siegespodium begeben. In Sachen Realismus und Authentizität hat Colin ohnehin die Nase vorn - lediglich grafisch steckt im Vergleich zum Xbox Rivalen ein wenig Sand im Getriebe. Rennspielfans dürfen bedenkenlos zugreifen, falls sie auf Arcaderennen verzichten können.
85 (Oct 23, 2002)
Un excellent titre mais qui souffre malheureusement de quelques défauts et lacunes. On s'attendait à un truc tellement gros que fatalement on est un rien déçu, mais quoi qu'il en soit Colin McRae Rally continuera à faire partie des pointures dans la catégorie. Les fans du second volet trouveront peut-être cette nouvelle mouture moins radicale et exigeante, CMR 3 est un excellent titre mais Codemasters passe malheureusement à côté de la simulation ultime qui aurait du tout déchirer sur son passage...
GameSpy (Mar 12, 2003)
Aside from these nuances, you'd be hard pressed to tell the two versions apart (the Xbox features a few more dust particles kicked up from back tires), and the PlayStation 2 version is in no way inferior. Although you'll never see another soul on any of the tracks you race, and you'll sometimes wish McRae and Grist exhibited a little more emotion, there's no better rallying title on console than this. If you're itching for a racing challenge, love deformable cars, and don't mind Nicky Grist's codewords for corners, Colin McRae Rally 3 gradually becomes a seminal piece of software.
GameSpot (Jul 17, 2003)
Colin McRae Rally 3 offers some of the most enjoyable and realistic rally racing on any platform to date--it's just a shame that the game's options are so limiting. Real rally competitions might not allow fields of cars to compete head-to-head with each other in an environment that allows contact between them, but as EA's Shox and Microsoft's Rallisport Challenge for the Xbox demonstrated last year, that's not necessarily reason enough to all but exclude the option from a video game. Colin McRae Rally is certainly one of the best rally games on the PS2 right now, but with its dearth of gameplay options, it's difficult not to wonder about the game's longevity--particularly if you're likely to be playing it alone rather than with friends.
82 (Nov 27, 2002)
Teil 3 der ruhmreichen Serie bietet gewohnt gute Kost, die Fans der Serie absolut zufrieden stellen dürfte. Doch angesichts der harten Konkurrenz auf der PS2 muss man mehr auffahren als gute Grafik und Fahrphysik, um mithalten zu können. Trotz aller Vorzüge bleibt Colin McRae Rally 3 in vielen Punkten steril und bietet nur Hardcore-Fans Rallye-Feeling pur. Zwar wurde viel Wert auf Steuerung, Fahrphysik und Schadensmodell gelegt, doch das Drumherum bleibt meistens blass. Zudem ist die Streckenauswahl nicht gerade üppig und lässt -obwohl gut designt- den Wunsch nach mehr offen. Wem eine sehr gute Technik ausreicht, wird mit Colin McRae viel Spaß haben, denn das gewohnt gute Spielgefühl hat sich aus den Vorgängen hinüber gerettet. Wer allerdings eine echte Umsetzung des Rallye-Zirkus sucht, wird mit Colin nicht fündig werden. Im Kern ein durchdachtes Spiel, fehlt Colin irgendwie die Seele. Für Rallye-Fans trotzdem in jedem Fall einen Kauf wert.
ESC Magazine (Jun 26, 2003)
For the most part Colin McRae Rally 3 proves to be an enjoyable experience that delivers the best rally racing game on the PS2, PC, or Xbox. If you make the lack of gameplay options out to be a greater focus on the awesome racing, then CMR3 excels. Yet, if you are looking for a tweaking, customizing rich racer in the same vein as Gran Turismo 3 you may want to give CMR3 a rental and see if it is up you alley. Either way the game stands out in an overly crowded racing genre from both a technical and realistic standpoint. If you like racing games, you will love Colin McRae Rally 3, there’s no doubt about that.
Game Chronicles (May 08, 2003)
Colin McRae Rally 3 is definitely a niche game targeted to a specific group of racing fans, mainly hardcore rally racers. With its ultra-realistic driving and damage model combined with a distinct lack of game modes and content, this may not be the game for everyone. The solitary nature of rally racing may turn off the more traditional racing crowd, but anyone looking for a serious racing sim, look no further. CMR3 rivals anything you can play on the PC or any of the other consoles with perfect physics and a stunning audio/visual presentation that puts you behind the wheel and in the racing suit of the undisputed leader of the sport, Colin McRae.
Imperium Gier (Nov 27, 2002)
Miał być hit. Dostajemy w miarę dobrą grę, która jednak nie umywa się do liderów gatunku. Jeśli ktoś uwielbia niszczenie samochodów rajdowych, z pewnością CMR3.0 okaże się lepszym wyborem niż TOCA. Co do tego nie wątpliwości - obydwie gry reprezentują podobny styl, przy czym Colin wypada przy ich porównaniu znacznie lepiej. Jazda jest całkiem przyjemna, ale osoby nie posiadające kierownicy mogą się zawieść. Proponuję wypróbowanie gry przed zakupem - jeżeli odpowiadać Wam będzie sterowanie padem, to OK. Możecie grać. Nowy Colin nie jest żadną rewolucją czy nawet rewelacją. Jest w miarę solidną grą o brzydkich trasach, ślicznych modelach samochodów i realistycznej rozgrywce. Trochę krótka, ograniczająca nas i w wielu miejscach niedopracowana. Nie na to czekaliście, ale oto jest. CMR3.0 trafił na sklepowe półki. Radujcie się, ale przed zrobieniem sobie z niego prezentu pod choinkę radziłbym się dobrze zastanowić.
PlayFrance (Apr 07, 2003)
Au final, je dois avouer avoir été déçu par ce jeu. La réalisation est bonne, mais je trouve le gameplay vraiment approximatif : on n’a pas réellement de sensations. De plus, les 2 modes de jeu font un peu léger, d’autant que la difficulté est peu élevée. En faisant attention à ne pas taper les obstacles, quitte à ralentir plus que nécessaire, on n’a pas besoin d’être un dieu de la trajectoire ou du passage de vitesse pour terminer en tête. Un jeu honnête sans plus, pour s’amuser un moment.