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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (PlayStation 2)

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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Credits

Traveller's Tales

Executive ProducerJon Burton
Internal ProducerArthur Parsons
Game And Level DesignArthur Parsons, Jon Burton, James Cunliffe
Lead Game ProgrammerJohn Hodskinson
Game ProgrammersChris Stanforth, Michael Jackson, Ralph Ferneyhough, Jon Burton
Lead Engine ProgrammerDavid Dootson
Engine ProgrammersSteve Monks, Glynn Scragg, Alistair Crowe, Richard Taylor
Lead Level ArtistJames Cunliffe
Level ArtistsNeil Allen, David Burton, Rhoda Daly, Lee Burns, Paul Dobson
Lead AnimatorJeremy Pardon
AnimatorsChris Dicker, Anthony Whiteley
Character ArtistsNicola Daly, Beverley Bush
Additional ArtworkWilliam Thompson, Barry Thompson
Preliminary ArtworkLeon Warren
Concept ArtistCraig Whittle
Office ManagerEmma Hoskins
Special ThanksChristopher Bush

Universal Interactive Studios

Senior ProducerDaniel Suarez
Associate ProducersSean Krankel, Donovan Soto
Production CoordinatorCarlos Schulte
Vice President Of ProductionVijay Lakshman
Additional Production SupportMelissa Miller, Sean Mountain, Nick Torchia, Scott Davids
Senior Product ManagerCraig Howe
Associate Product ManagerMarcus Savino
Marketing CoordinatorJason Covey
Director Of PromotionsChandra Hill
Creative Services SupervisorMichael Sequeira
Senior Manager Of Public RelationsAlex Skillman
Vice President Of Global MarketingTorrie Dorrell
PresidentJim Wilson
Music SoundtrackSwallow Studios, Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra
Original Crash Bandicoot Theme ByMutato Muzika
Voice Casting/Voice DirectorMargaret Tang
Dialog EditingWomb Music, Rik Schaeffer
Sound EffectsUniversal Sound Studios, Ron Horwitz, Tom Jaeger, John Robinson, Harry Woolway
CastClancy Brown (as Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka-Uka), Mel Winkler (as Aku-Aku), Deb Derryberry (as Coco Bandicoot), Kevin Michael Richardson (as Crunch Bandicoot), Mark Hamill (as Py-Ro), R. Lee Ermey (as Wa-Wa), Thomas F. Wilson (as Rok-Ko), Jess Harnell (as Lo-Lo), Corey Burton (as N.Gin and N. Tropy)
Additional Concept ArtworkThom Ang
Crunch Conceptual DesignSean Krankel, Craig Whittle
QA TestingAbsolute Quality
Lead TesterChris Ho
Second Lead TestersJose Velasco, Galen Laws
TestersKim Jardin, Paul Garcia, Brian Leung, Ray Schrekengost, Michael Gonzales, Richard Burkhart, Steve Ferreira, Keith Tsubouchi, Steven Alvarado, Carble Cheung
Test ManagersCurtis Shenton, Andrew Kline
DirectorMike Richardson
QA Project LeadMichael Caradonna
QA Associate LeadJoshua Tapley
QA TestersAlfred Lo, Aaron Parker, Benjamin Hines, Brian Hirai, Brian Mathison, Daven DeLidle, Don J. Carroll, Fausto Lorenzano, Jerry Neyland, Juliet Nimmo, Lester Broas, Mirko Sekulic, Rodrigo Reyes, Seehe Oh, Tristan Anderson, Timothy Phillips, Vincent Delupio, William Pham
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
Special ThanksGrace Baca, Hugh Bowen, John Foster, Virginia Fout, James Galloway, Flavie Gufflet, Stuart Hay, Gary Lake-Schaal, Suesyn Lam, Scott M. Johnson, Barry Kehoe, Jason Record, Neal Robison, Suzan Rude, Ricci Rukavina, Marcus Sanford, Tammy Levine, Sandra Shagat, Brent Watts, Fiona Wilson, Meredith Wollman, Charles Yam
Additional Special ThanksAbsolute Quality, Absinthe Pictures, Axiom Design, Bender‑Helper Impact, Big Sesh Studios, Kovel/Fuller

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Credits for this game were contributed by J. Michael Bottorff (1797)