Cricket 2004 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

After the EA Sports 'It's In The Game' logo the game launches into an animated sequence with lots of action and a thumping music track
The game's splash screen. This is seen a lot but the background is not always white.
The game's main menu
The EA Extras option from the main menu gives the player three further options. the game's Credits, a preview of a rugby game, and information on the game. This describes the EASY mode
The Team Management menu allows the gamer to Create A Player - lots of setup screens here. They can also Update the Database, Copy the Database and Delete A Player.
These are the game modes. Each option leads to more choices, for example after selecting Australian State the player must choose between a Full season, the Pura Cup or the ING Cup.
Here the player has selected 'Play Now' from the main menu. The game has selected the teams
While the game loads it reminds the player what the buttons do
Before the match starts there's a flyby of the ground, a close up of the wicket and so on. The options at the bottom of the screen allow the player to change the team and configure the game
There's a nice animation showing the players taking position on the field. Here Australia await the first ball. The green spot is an optional aid showing where the ball will land
After each ball there are close up shots of the batsman, the bowler taking position ad/or a fielder signalling to the bowler
The yellow arrow is an optional aid, it shows where the ball is.
He's out!. When a player is dismissed the ball is replayed from multiple points of view, this is one such replay