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GameZone (Apr 14, 2004)
Crimson Sea 2 is a great game that every PlayStation2 owner should own. KOEI has done a great job with both games, and it looks like they have the beginnings of a great new franchise on their hands. So if you desire a great game that has an enthralling storyline, great graphics, and a wonderful gameplay than look no further than Crimson Sea 2!
IGN (Mar 26, 2004)
Unfortunately we don't expect public awareness for Crimson Sea 2 to be very high -- as KOEI's vault of action games outside of Dynasty Warriors is traditionally rather secluded; giving us the impression that the chances of it reaching the level of success it deserves are rather slim. But for those of you lucky enough to give it a shot, we're confident that you'll find it just as endearing as we did. Flawed but fun, Crimson Sea 2 may be mindless but at least it has a soul.
GameSpy (Mar 31, 2004)
Unlike the original Crimson Sea, CS2 also offers two multiplayer modes: Team Battle, which allows two players to partner up and complete a single-player mission, and Vs. Mode, a one-on-one deathmatch mode that gives you the chance to control characters that are unplayable in the single-player game. And while I'm happy to see KOEI make the effort to add in these basic multiplayer game modes, they do feel tacked on, and they really don't add much to the game. However, that's probably because the single-player game is already such an excellent value for the money. Crimson Sea 2 is just one of those few games that can safely be recommended to almost any gamer. It's got a deep story that doesn't interfere with its hours of action-packed excitement, and it's completely accessible and engaging for gamers of almost any skill level.
77 (Sep 19, 2004)
Auch wenn Crimson Sea 2 nicht alles besser als der Vorgänger macht, wurden doch viele Kritikpunkte konsequent ausgemerzt. So fällt die Orientierung nun wesentlich leichter, während sich die Kameraführung persönlichen Vorlieben anpassen und der Schwierigkeitsgrad durch uneingeschränktes Aufleveln ganz individuell bestimmen lässt. Doch auch sonst wurde jede Menge Feintuning betrieben, was in einem noch rasanteren, intuitiveren und ausgeglicheneren Spielerlebnis resultiert. Wer auf spektakuläre Massenschlachten à la Dynasty Warriors sowie rasante Hack‘n‘Shoot-Action à la Devil May Cry steht, dürfte bei Crimson Sea 2 jedenfalls voll auf seine Kosten kommen. Man könnte es auch als eine Art Dynasty Warriors im Weltraum oder Phantasy Star Online auf Speed bezeichnen. Zwar lässt die Präsentation teils zu wünschen übrig und es mangelt spielerisch auf Dauer an Abwechslung, aber die spektakulären Boss-Fights und motivierenden Rollenspiel-Elemente wissen dies immer wieder geschickt auszugleichen.
GameSpot (Apr 01, 2004)
Crimson Sea 2 has a lot of content, though all of it's a variation on the hack-and-slash theme. However, what's important is that the core action is basically good enough to sustain the game. As such, fans of Koei's other action offerings should appreciate this latest game for similar reasons, and anybody looking for a longer-lasting-than-usual action adventure would do well to check this one out. Don't go in expecting a spectacular production, but know that Crimson Sea 2 has a lot of the basics all figured out, which is far more than can be said for a lot of other games.
70 (Aug 31, 2004)
Une fois bien ancré dans l'atmosphère et plongé dans l'âpreté, les sensations ressenties sont communes à celles expérimentées dans un Chaos Legion. Mais contrairement au soft de Capcom qui bénéficiait d'une approche scénaristique évidente et attirante, doublée d'une psychologie des personnages relativement fouillée, Crimson Sea 2 pèche dans ce domaine de manière incontestable. Moins inspirée graphiquement, que son concurrent, il parvient toutefois à convaincre grâce à cette atmosphère si particulière, et ses influences diverses. Sans doute pas le jeu du mois, mais un titre honnête. Et Sho est vraiment classe (désolé mais il est électrisant).
Game Critics (Aug 11, 2004)
I can't see myself replaying Crimson Sea 2, but I enjoyed my time with it. Koei has a game to be proud of, without "Romance" or "Warriors" in the title. Mission-based objectives done right, as with this game, always add that sense of freedom that make a game more enjoyable. Hacking and slashing my way through legions of intelligent monsters was surprisingly enjoyable, as was the addictive challenge to always increase my combo count. Overall, the space opera mixed with kick alien ass produced a fun bout of story-driven hack-n-slash, that gives as good as it gets. Mr. Lloyd Webber: if you ever decide to try your hands at videogames, then please start by examining Crimson Sea 2.
Yahoo! Games (Mar 30, 2004)
Crimson Sea 2 improves on the worthwhile original in terms of mission count and playable characters, but little else. Seeing as this is the series' first outing on PlayStation 2, though, the majority of its audience probably won't have played the first title. If you love the gameplay in Dynasty Warriors but are tiring of its setting, Crimson Sea 2 offers a refreshing change of pace with a familiar style of gameplay.
60 (UK) (Sep 15, 2004)
Crimson Sea 2 isn't a game that you'd approach expecting it to be some sort of radical advancement of console gaming, but in it's own right is a solid genre offering that devoted fans will get a lot out of. It makes little to no difference if you've played the previous version or not, and is one of those instantly playable and long-lasting games that hackandslashers needing a fix while they await the new Devil May Cry would be well advised to check out.